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So I just received a pressure cooker as a gift (I was told to open it early!) the thought is now that I'm working several days a week it will help with dinner time. I'm excited to try it - but I've never even seen one of the things lol much less know what to try... So I'm looking for recipes you like or websites that have recipes to try, etc. Any hints would be appreciated too!

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I went under bing.com and a bunch of sites for recipes popped up. Also try Pinterest if you are on that. I was thinking of getting a pressure cooker, but been a bit scared to. I am sure they are safe, but I just remember the horror stories of the old ones. Glad you got new cause I doubt I would trust used.

It's electric and supposedly the new ones are safe. Mines still in the box as I don't know what to do with it lol. I need to look up some recipes, I was hoping some here would have some that they use and like. Thanks Tabby!

You basically can put foods like you would in a crockpot in there as well.  I see it all the time in the crocjpot groups I belong to.  There really isn't much difference other than it cooks faster.  I know one lady made a stew in her crockpot for 8 hours and then did the same one the following week in her pressure cooker in only 2-3 hours.  I'll see if any of my friends have a favorite recipe for theirs that I can pass on to you.

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