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Does anyone have referrals for horseback riding? My daughter (age 10) really wants to take some lessons as her "sport" this year, and I don't know where to start. We are located in Mulberry... so locations in Lithia, Lakeland (South and West, but North is too far), Plant City and Bartow are all reasonable. 


Also, if you have a suggestion, I would appreciate hearing about anything you know in regards to pricing as well....


Thanks a bunch!

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This place is probably not far from you.  My 6 yr old had one lesson here and she enjoyed it.  We have not returned since the drive is far for us from WH and the cost is a bit much right now for us.  I recommend this place.

My older children attended a summer horse camp at High Gait Farms.  The Allen family are very sweet people and I understand that they do riding lessons year round.  I would say it's definitely worth a call to find out what they have available.   The drive shouldn't be too bad.  They are right off County Road 640.   At one point this was considered a Bartow address but with some postal zone changes they became Fort Meade. 


High Gait Farms



My trainer is amazing and is mobile if you have your own horse.  She is out of North Lakeland, but sooooooooooo worth the drive.  My 4 year old rides and through her gentleness and patience, he is already trotting (with her by the horse side).  Her name is Lisa and I highly recommend her.  I have been riding for 20 years and have never had a better trainer/ instructor.  I truly trust her with my life (my child).

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