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With fall on our heels it's easy for us to be consumed with back-to-school but also around the corner (and something to look forward to) is the Fall T.V. line-up.

Of course some of us are anticipating favorites making a comeback with fresh dialogue and then there are new shows to consider for our pick-up, too.

Did you all hear, this will be the last season for Desperate Housewives?   Do you think it's time for the show to end?  It sounds like a sharp spiral could be made by Bringing Back Mary-Alice.

If any of you are Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans of past you might be interested to know that show's former star, Sarah Michelle Gellar is returning to television in a new series, Ringer.

ABC posted their new line up with online previews.

A return I can't help but catch will be the new spin to the old show, Two and Half Men.  Should be interesting if the show can retain its following and entertainment value.

Is there something new that's looking good to you?

What returning show will have you front and center at your T.V.?

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Shawn, thanks for the heads up on Revenge! I've watched the first 2 since seeing your post. They just came in to tell hubby he was being released from the hospital right as the 2nd episode ended, I asked him if we could stay 45 min more so I could watch the 3rd but after 5 days here he said no :( LOL "but it's free wifi...". "NO!!!"
GREY'S :) Still love it......

It's that time of year again when some of our favorite shows are coming back or, maybe you could be looking for something fresh?

A lot of new shows plan to debut,here's a list of what will be new to fall 2012 for us to ponder and possibly tune in to.

I've admitted before being a bit leery of picking up new shows in fear of them not returning for more than one season.   Last fall I fell in love with Ringer and felt mega-wattage disappointment when the show was cancelled.

Seriously, I'm bummed.  I'm not sure I'll be looking for something new this year but I'm definitely excited to get Revenge back.

Here are some shows we are currently chatting independently.   Tell us if you follow any of these, and if not, tell us, what it is you like to catch on your down time.

Sons of Anarchy discussion

ABC's Revenge

True Blood

Who Do You Think You Are

The Duggars

America's Next Top Model

Two and Half Men


Dancing With the Stars

American Idol

I am definitely looking forward to Revenge starting again, also I watch vampire diaries (Ian Som... is so freakin HOT! :) ), um I don't think there is much else I watch, but did catch a few new shows that I may catch and see if I like or not.  I also like being human on Syfy which usually starts in the winter season.

Partners does look funny and cute!   I need to make a point to find it to DVR.  

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