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Maybe someone can help me with this. I am having twins and it looks likely that they will be delivered via C-section. My question is in regards to delivering at LRMC. I have heard that there is no longer a newborn nursery and that all babies "room in" with the mother. Is that correct?

My concern is that my husband will not be able to stay at the hospital with me since we have four other children at home that need to be taken care of and we have no family to help. Just wondering how does rooming in work with twins after a section when the mother has no help? I'm not too concerned about when I get home since I will have my husband to help then but am worried about getting up/around to tend to two newborns so soon after surgery.

Trying to decide whether to continue with my plans to have the babies here in Lakeland or switch to a different hospital that offers a newborn nursery where I can get more help immediately after the section.

Anyone have any experience with this?

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I would call the mother baby unit and talk to the head nurse and explain your concerns. I think most hospitals are phasing out the nursery and going to the rooming-in thing, so it may be hard to find a hospital with a full nursery.

I do not know about LRMC as I've had both of my children at Winter Haven Hospital (Regency Center for Women).  But I had to have a c-section with my daughter and they had a rule that as long as I was still hooked up to an IV, someone had to be in the room with me or else I could not be alone with my daughter.  That was in 2012.  But once I was off the IV, I could be alone with her.  I believe if I had wanted them to take her to the nursery though, they would have.  At least when I had my son in 2009, they let me choose whether I wanted him in the room or whether I wanted him in the nursery (at least while I slept).  So perhaps if LRMC has eliminated the nursery, the Regency would be an option.

I just gave birth and the baby was in the room with me the stay. Because my husband was there we kept the baby in room. However, I was told that if I wanted to get rest I could request the baby to go to the nursery. I didn't actually see the nursery. You can get a tour of the unit if you call or stop by there.

Yeah, I'd say call the unit and see what you can find out.  My only experience at LRMC was nearly 15 years ago when Michael was born so it's WAY out of date, LOL

I had a c-section last year and the baby roomed-in.  LRMC did not have a nursery at that time.  They have a room where the infants are seen by the pediatrician, but it is not a nursery in the traditional sense.  I had a difficult first night and our night nurse offered to take the baby to the nurses station for a few hours, but I did not take her up on the offer.  Definitely call the mother-baby unit.

Don't have any insight for you since it is almost 7 years since I had my last baby at LRMC. Just wanted to wish you all the very best :)

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