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I applied last yr and this yr for our son to go to Davenport school of the arts. Last yr i got a Phone call telling me that he was in the "pool" but was not on the "list".

This yr I have not received any word either way , kind of a little frustrating as we live in an area that the schools are not that great (D) and he is currently at a Private school which is becoming expensive .

Has Anyone that applied for Magnet or Choice schools this yr , heard anything yet?


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We applied to Lincoln and have not heard anything.

The scgool board was changing the way the lists work,  and I think they said they were going through all the numbered people on the old lists first.

Basically we are giving up on Lincoln and moving on with our school plans. We will still apply each year just in case, we really just want to go to Lawton chiles for middle school as we have an A elementary school in our neighborhood.

Just call the school board and they should be able to tell you :)

I did that , the phone line was busy pretty much the whole day?...i wounder if other people are having the same issue?
brooksy said:

Just call the school board and they should be able to tell you :)

 With the list that was used in past, parents didn't have to reapply their children yearly.  With the new pool system, you do.   Did you reapply for choice/magnet schools during open enrollment?

I applied for my daughter to re-enter the pool for our neighborhood magnet school.  I haven't heard anything yet.  I believe, traditionally, placement happens close to the end of March to the beginning of April.

I did reapply, i guess i thought i should of heard something by now...

I called the office of Magnet schools today, they said they start to notify parents in April

Amanda, thank you for sharing your update.  I hope we both get good news during notification.  :)

Curious, I know the deadline for application has passed, but the McKay scholarship is different right? Because they have to be enrolled the whole year and I think the deadline was actually before Feb count day. Anyone know?

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