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I've had my son attending Little Shepherds preschool, I love the school, teachers, director the whole program, but it hasn't been a perfect fit for us. So I've made the choice to pull my son out for now. I'm going to miss the teachers, a couple other parents I'd enjoyed chatting with and the time to do what I needed. My son loved school but I think he loved the concept more than the actual. He's a very active child and struggled with sitting still. It's clear to me his current learning style is that of a physical learner. I hope as he grows and learns this year that he can pick up some more auditory learning habits. I know he already picks up quite a bit in a visual learning manner but always best when he's on the move.

We have other outlets including music class, a maintenance swim lesson and now will look into art and or gymnastics/tumbling.

We will work on other skills at home, covering all the bases, reinforcing shapes, colors, alphabet, numbers and learning skills to hopefully prepare him for a successful 4 year old preschool class next year.

For anyone looking though I do know Little Shepherds is not at capacity and I whole heartedly recommend them.

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It must have been a hard decision, but as they say, "mom knows best".  I have a 1 and 2 yo and have read endless books, blogs, early childhood development articles and in the end, my kids learn in their own way.  I just have to make it fun and encourage it. 

It sounds like you have a variety of fun and educational activities for him.  I'm sure he will be ready for preschool next year. 

As moms, we don't hear enough how we're doing a good job.  So Just Jen, GOOD JOB :)

Thank you Melanie, I appreciate that.

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