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Our eight-year-old daughter has several allergies that are severe and we list them with the school and teachers but she also participates in a couple of sports as well as dance classes. It's hard to keep up with which situation she may be in at any given time and who actually pays attention to the info we have provided. What's the best way for us to share the important details with everyone and to make sure that they don't forget it?

Our son also has several allergies and it is hard to keep everyone in the know about them. We make sure he has his backpack with him everywhere he goes. Inside and outside, we have a card that is laminated that tells people like teachers, coaches, etc., what these are, the name and number of the doctor and phone number for us. We bought these on Amazon and it has already saved his life once. - Rose W. in Seattle, WA


Informing everyone of your daughter's allergies is always a good thing to do. Gentle reminders to her teacher, lunch room workers, coaches and anyone she is around is also a good step, including parents supervising birthday parties or sleepovers. Be sure to make other parents aware of her allergies. However, wearing a medical ID bracelet at all times on her wrist is a priority for her protection, well-being and safety. She may feel awkward wearing one as it can draw attention to her and to her specific illness. Explain to her how it will keep her protected and why it is very important for her to do so. With this in mind, Hope Paige has designed medical ID bracelets that are colorful, comfortable and super durable just for kids. This means it won't fall off during sports, play, dance classes or whatever she is involved in at the present time. Each bracelet comes custom engraved on the inside of the silver plate with her medical condition. They actually look stylish and fun but provide all the necessary information that anyone needs in case of an emergency. Kids seem to really like them, whether boy or girl, and it is a subtle way to keep kids safe without feeling “branded"... plus, you can let her pick out which colors and designs she likes best. As her wrists get larger as she grows older, there are some great looking ones that have beads that look more like a fashion accessory. The company has also designed some pretty snazzy bracelets for adults as well. See www.hopepaige.com for details. Hopefully, having something to wear on her wrist that looks cool and matches her personality will ensure that she will enjoy it and will make all the difference.


We have been reading that bunnies can make pretty good pets. Our kids have been asking for one for some time now. Since they are still young, five and seven, I think we should just start with a hamster and see how that goes. If they take care of it in a reasonably good standard, then maybe in a couple of years we could try a rabbit. What do you think?

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