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Was mom's punishment of her 10 year-old suspended off the school bus too harsh?   Do you think mom should face punishment herself?

Mom Faces Jail for Making Son Walk to School

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I can wrap my head around 4.6 miles being a long walk but...I honestly don't have that much of a problem with it. You want to ride the bus? Behave. I'm pretty over kids doing what they want and having little to no consequences for it.  Having to walk to school is a natural consequence for getting kicked off the bus.  Like I said, the distance is an issue, I certainly couldn't make mine walk from my house, but I can follow mom's logic.

I've got mixed feelings about this.  Most school districts wont' run a bus if you live within 2 miles - so those kids either walk or ride a car. If you live in my neighborhood there's a lot of walkers and it's been known to be a not so nice neighborhood, no sidewalks, lots of traffic and all kinds of criminal elements but hundreds do it everyday. 

In this case I'm not as concerned about the amount of miles - kids do that walking around Disney every day. 

I am concerned with what kind of roads he was on, neighborhoods he traveled through, and of course it was 30 degrees.  On a good day 4.6 miles would take a kid an hour or better, in that kind of weather it could cause other issues.  I think I would have taken him to school in this instance but made him do extra chores to pay for the gas money it cost me! 

I hate to sound like an old codger (I'm only 29!! :)) I had to walk 2.5 miles one way every single day when I went to school in Ohio...many times in much less than 30-degree weather and knee-deep snow. I don't see how having to walk 4.6 miles in 30-degree weather would be considered a jail-worthy crime. And as others have said, it was his decision to behave in a way that got him suspended - having to walk to school instead seems an appropriate consequence to his action. 

I do think, however, that the mom probably should have probably at least gone with him or monitored him along the way by following in the car or something - only because he wasn't used to walking to school and anything could have happened to him on the way.

I didn't think of that Christie...that he wasn't used to walking. For the first few days, she should have tailed him or gone with him. I was used to walking, because I always did it, but not this kid. Plus, my elementary school was close, and my middle and high schools were only a little over a mile away. They said the mom was on vacation and found at home, so she could have at least helped him out the first day or so to make sure he knew what to do. There may be more to the story. There may have already been an open case with this family. Was he not dressed appropriately? I wonder how early he had to leave to get there in time. Was it still dark? I don't think a child that young should be walking around in the dark alone. Also, the fact that he begged the officer not to take him home because he would get a beating..that could be a red flag for abuse. 

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