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Mom's end-of-school-year fatigue rant goes viral

Yeah, what she said!  

Oh my goodness I am loving summer break!   Not just for time off, it's a vacation of the get to school burn-out.   I'm not making sure I have the right uniform clean that day, did I forget to sign homework and a planner?, Did I put the right planner in the right backpack? (poor Ryan, this happened to him twice this year, his planner in his sister's backpack, once by me and once by his father) At least for weeks ahead, no more begging the kids to get up!  Get up! get up!  I don't have to plan my days around me needing to be back in Bartow by 2:30 to pick up the kids,  yada, yada, I could go on.   

Did I say I loved Summer break?

I completely agree with the author in the above link, my parents didn't stress about school the way I do.  

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I saw the rant, and shared it, on Facebook! Lol I could have easily written it, it described me to a T! Lol I think my favorite part was "auditory reading"! Brilliant!,

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