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If you’re the money manager in your household, you may want to not only be honest with yourself,  but educated on some tactics that really might not be helping your budget.

Read more on some common misconceptions we make when counting our pennies at the below link.

Money Lies Women Tell Themselves

Some of these miiiight sound a little familiar for me, how about on your end?

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 They use to, now that I really had to pinch money when my husband decided he did want our marriage any more. Let refraze that he want the benifit just dont want the responsibilites. So it has cause me alot of greif. cell phone has been dropped,we dont eat out, we = ( my 16 yr old & me). Vacation are out off limits. I have to take them at work or loose them so I take a day here or there when we have appointment. As for shopping, cant stand it. Kailyn, my 16 yr old does the grocery shopping for us and she pretty good at it. With $60, she buys for two weeks. I am very proud her. banking is greendot,when he left I closed the account. That way no over graft charges. With every thing I do it still isnt enough.  

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