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More Target trouble: some holiday gift cards not activated

More Target trouble: some holiday gift cards not activated

I would have definitely said, "Who wouldn't want a Target gift card?" before reading the above, including myself in the want department.  I love shopping at Target.

If you had the same idea, everyone loves shopping there, and gave someone a gift card over the holidays, you may just want to check in with them on checking in with Target on whether it was activated properly. Tens of thousands of gift cards are possibly at risk of not being loaded with funds correctly. 

Were you a giver or receiver of a Target gift card this season?

I can't help but wonder if this could affect other retailers in the future, not just Target, when it comes to consumer confidence when buying gift cards.   

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This happened to me once at Toys-R-Us, imagine the child's nightmare when she went to use it and it showed nothing on it.  It made me feel horrible even though it wasn't my fault.....but I just took the receipt and gift card back to them and they re-loaded it, this happened a few years ago, but I am still apprehensive whenever I purchase a gift card because of this.

This has also happened to us at toysrus. I had checked online first though to see what the balance was as the gift card had been given to my daughter with no denomination on it. We had no receipt.

I bought 3 Target gift cards recently. And I have had hassle closing my redcard with Target after their breach. Not my favorite company right now!

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