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My mom passed away when I was nine. The three people who helped raise me were my grandmother, an aunt and an older sister. These are my moms. I am now twenty-two and have a job and would like to get them special Mother's Day gifts that I can actually pay for myself for the first time. All of us enjoy the outdoors but I don't know what to buy. Any ideas would be great.

My mom passed away early too. I did not have any siblings but lived with my grandmother and my aunt. These two ladies made sure that I had all the love and support needed for a young girl to grow up feeling good about my situation and myself. We are basically book worms. So, on Mother's Day I get them two to three books each. It's a standing tradition that has stood the test of time to this day. Even though I check each year, they still say they just want books. If your relatives enjoy reading, get a few suggestions from each one and then buy a couple for each individual. - Kat Turner in San Antonio, TX
I tried to stay focused on items that would be geared for outside as well as inside. Most women enjoy headbands when washing their face or putting on makeup, wearing them outside to keep hair away from their face or perhaps just wrapping it around a ponytail. Violet Love offers a line of no-slip headbands and lightweight scarves that are fun and colorful. They are super soft, light-weight fabrics and are quite lovely and can be purchased on Amazon. For the upcoming warm weather and being outside, one of the things that they might appreciate would be really comfortable shoes. I recently got a pair of Arocopedico thong sandals which are similar to Birkenstock, but not nearly as pricey. I have one of their new ones called Vega. It has has an extra light non-slip bottom and the upper part is a knit that is super comfortable and breathable. Of course, the natural cork insole is contoured to the foot and feels amazing. The leather absorbs perspiration and keeps the foot feeling dry and cozy all day. They're great for travel or just hanging out at home. Arocopedico are handmade in Portugal, and now we have Arocopedico USA that can be purchased at various shoe stores nationwide. The Portuguese designed and created the shoes with a lot of walking in mind. Go to www.ArcopedicoUSA.com for other details. Another gift suggestion would be socks. Many individuals wear socks all year long. Sock Fancy offers a monthly subscription that delivers awesome socks straight to your door. They are very well made and come in tons of colors and designs. I actually washed a pair with a soft rug by accident. To my delight, they did not knot up or snag. They're highly durable and a pleasure to wear. These socks have been featured in The New York Times, Huffington Post and other publications. Check them out at www.sockfancy.com to get more info.

Our 20-month-old daughter constantly starts crying over just about anything, but especially if we discipline her. What's the best way to handle this?

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