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I'm sure many of you have seen headlines in the news about all the mumps outbreaks all
over the United States. The overwhelming majority of cases are fully vaccinated, in case
anyone was curious.

Various mumps vaccine fail (be sure to expand list)

All 40 Harvard cases fully vaccinated for mumps:

"Last month, the public health department in Cambridge, where Harvard is located, said all students affected had been immunized against mumps before they contracted it."



(Mumps vaccine fail in New York - - But KEEP blaming the unvaccinated !!!):

(Excerpt): "All of the students who were tentatively diagnosed with mumps had been vaccinated,"



(Mumps vaccine fail in Ohio - - But KEEP blaming the unvaccinated !!!):

(Excerpt): "Some 97% of those in the Ohio outbreak have been vaccinated, he said."



(Mumps vaccine fail in New Jersey - - But KEEP blaming the unvaccinated !!!):

Eight students at the Stevens Institute of Technology and Hoboken are being kept away from others while they're being treated for the -- the students are between eighteen and 21 years old contracted the virus despite being vaccinated in a statement the college says.



COLUMBIA — The five MU students with confirmed cases of the mumps were previously given both recommended doses of the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine, according to the Columbia/Boone County Department of Public Health on Thursday.



UK students with mumps up to date on vaccinations

LEXINGTON, Ky., (WKYT)- We have new information on the mumps outbreak at the University of Kentucky. The three students who contracted mumps were vaccinated, according to UK. The school doesn't know what caused a recent outbreak of mumps on campus.



Mumps Outbreak In Denver Investigated

(Excerpt): Young said all six of the adult patients had been vaccinated against the disease.



All the patients are members of the men's college hockey team and all had received prior vaccinations.



Stop blaming the unvaccinated, please:

Bressoud said the affected student contracted the virus while at UK (all vaccinated cases also). "There is some movement of students back and forth from various college campuses, intercollegiate activities, sporting events,” Bressoud said. The UofL student who became infected was vaccinated.



All Guelph students diagnosed with mumps had been vaccinated

All five recent cases of the mumps virus in Guelph involved students who had received their vaccinations for measles, mumps and rubella, public health officials say.



Harvard University Mumps Vaccine Fail

“We have officially an outbreak of mumps in this population,” HUHS Director Paul J. Barreira said. “It’s happening with students who are well-immunized, so it’s a breakthrough infection."



Mumps outbreak reaches nearly 2,000 in New York and New Jersey:

Health officials note that lack of vaccination is not to blame in this mumps outbreak..."This is a well-vaccinated community," said Zucker from New York City's health department. But the vaccine isn't 100 percent effective. The CDC notes in the weekly report that this outbreak shows that mumps can occur in highly vaccinated populations.



Mumps Count Rises to 40 at Harvard - ALL vaccinated:

"Incoming freshmen are required to have received the MMRV vaccination, a vaccine commonly used to prevent the incidence of mumps."



All 98 cases fully vaxxed in Arkansas

(Excerpt): By Monday afternoon, the number of suspected or confirmed cases had grown to 98........ so far all of the children who have caught the virus were vaccinated, Smith said.

Rep. Michelle Gray, R-Melbourne, said the Health Department appears to be using the threat of removal (of unvaccinated) from school during the outbreak as a "scare tactic" to have parents immunize their children.



All 193 cases fully vaccinated at Mizzou

Since the beginning of the fall semester, 193 confirmed and probable cases of the mumps have been identified. According to the health center, all the infected students met the two-vaccine requirement.



All 46 cases at SUNY New Paltz fully vaxxed

In the past two months, the mumps outbreak at the State University of New York at New Paltz (SUNY New Paltz) has grown to 46 confirmed cases. The affected students, who have been immunized against mumps, have been isolated for the recommended period of time.



Quit blaming the innocent, healthy unvaccinated. It's cowardly and false. Blame the vaccine because the overwhelming majority of cases around the nation are fully vaccinated.

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Hi, I'm new to Polk county, just moved here from Palm coast and have 3 unvaccinated children who are in need of a local pediatrician. Do you have any recommendations, it seems like it gets harder and harder to find doctors who are willing to take children who are not on the recommended vaccination schedule.
Sorry. I just now saw this.

Yes, The Robinson Family clinic!

Shaina Heck said:
Hi, I'm new to Polk county, just moved here from Palm coast and have 3 unvaccinated children who are in need of a local pediatrician. Do you have any recommendations, it seems like it gets harder and harder to find doctors who are willing to take children who are not on the recommended vaccination schedule.

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