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I feel like it's happening all at once and it started yesterday.  I was in Plant City browsing Southern Hospitality.  I saw these darling metal "picks" with cubic zirconia laced numbers (they were a good deal, too.  Packs of 5 numbers for $1.99).  I picked up a pack with the number 5 on them and thought, "Oh, these would be darling for Lillian's next birthday party in cupcakes." 


And it hit me, my baby is about to turn 5!


Then, on top of that, that same afternoon Lillian loses her first tooth! 


Later I have a conversation with a friend about Relay for Life this weekend in Bartow.  Her daughter is getting a hair cut and donating it that night.  I thought, "I really should do this, too, with Lillian."  I told an organizer we are willing to have her hair cut to donate the night of Relay.


Folks, you don't understand!  My baby has never had a haircut!  She has the longest and prettiest curls. I joke all the time that her hair is partly "womb" hair (she didn't lose what she was born with).  Getting her hair cut for me will be placing her in the big girl category.  It's funny what someone will consider sentimental. 


Don't get me wrong, she wants to have short hair.  Her 3 friends in her class have short hair and she wants a style similar to theirs. Plus, every morning we have a cry fest while brushing it out.  I think the both of us are over that drama.  And of course, the biggest plus is that her hair will go to someone that needs it. 


Almost 5, losing a first tooth, and plans for a first hair cut.  Hard to take in when it's your youngest.


So, if you all go to Relay for Life on Friday night in Bartow and see a momma crying because her baby is getting a haircut, well, that would be me.  I know silly, but there it is.


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I know how you feel. My oldest daughter will be 5 in October. She has had a haircut because she got a hold of the scissors and cut it herself and her sisters (and I cried). My youngest daughter will be 3 in August. Both are coming way to fast. I look at them sometimes doing something for the first time and I just want to cry (sometimes I do). I know its hard because I won't have no more babies and they are growing up to fast. My 4 year old will be going to VPK in August and I know I'm going to cry because she has been home with me for the past almost 3 years. So you are not alone in the crying boat...LOL
you are definitely not alone!!  my daughter is almost 2 1/2 & I am already having a hard time with milestones, and things like no more bottles, pacifiers, potty training - I laugh at myself so I don't cry!!  I am going to be a basket case when it's time for her to go to school!!  I am pregnant with our second, but it hasn't made any of it any easier!
DO NOT DO IT!!!!!!!!  I'M NOT READY!!!!!!
Sorry, Hun, she needs a hair cut.  :p

AarbersMom said:
DO NOT DO IT!!!!!!!!  I'M NOT READY!!!!!!
All girls love haircuts!  Enjoy your new look little one!
Wigs for Kids is the organization Lillian's hair is going to.  I feel there are others that need it more than she does.  I think this is a great way to approach a first hair cut.  I'm really excited for her!  Her hair cut will be on the Relay for Life stage between 6 and 6:30 Friday night at the BHS football stadium.  :)
Gosh, my little boy has been getting haircuts since he was like one.  I know daughters are different and it so much harder.  But they look so cute once it is done.  I'm proud of Lillian and you for finding such a worthy cause to donate to.  There are many curly haired little girls who will be very appreciative.

Our girls are the same age. Mine was asking me about losing teeth today. I told her it wouldn't happen for a few more years, but I guess you never know. I was just going by what seems to be the average in our family.


My girl is so independent. She wants to do everything by herself and screams "I WAS GOING TO DO THAT!" if I close a drawer or put away a toy or open the car door, etc. She wants to be a big girl so bad, and I guess I still baby her somewhat!


My son is a completely different personality type, was the first born and had some delays, so he is completely comfortable with us doing absolutely everything for him...it's hard to remember and adjust to his needs, and then hers, and then back to his..sometimes I just do everything because that is what I am used to with my son.

Oh Shawn, I had that OMG no moment Friday.  My dear hubby calls and says, I'm taking Dylan for a haircut...OK no problem, he's been getting haircuts for awhile.  Then he tells me that Dylan told him he was the side shaved and a lightning bolt and number 95 put in the sides.  WHAT!!!! I freaked, almost hyperventilated.  His haircuts have always been trims so the top and side were still nice and longish, not anymore.  He now has a modified flattop, because his hair is too fine to stand up, but it is shaved and there are two sets of zigzags in each side.  Mind you he's only 4.  My husband enjoyed my moment of distress a little too much.  He no longer looks like a toddler, it changed his whole appearance, he now looks like he is 5 or 6.  I admit it is cute but oh my gosh, when he told me I wanted to throw up a little bit just thinking about it.  What made it worse was I was at work and could not be there to make sure it looked ok, oh well Dylan's happy and it's just hair, it'll grow back and I'm sure over the years there will be worse to deal with. 


So Shawn, how did it go?  Got any photos of that new darling hairdo.  I'll get mine up later. 

It happened.  My baby has a new do.  : ) 


I have to say, the haircut went well and we were both big girls, lol.  Click into Lillian's first hair cut album to see how our weekend started. 

I'm surprised and somewhat shocked, my daughter's curls are gone!  She had perfect little ringlets on her ends and her hair didn't spring up after being cut.  It looks a bit wavy but mostly straight.  I wonder if we've seen the last of her curls?


Over-wrked Momma, I'm looking forward to seeing Dylan's do, too.  : )


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