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I'm kind of torn here and was hoping some of you may sway me with your thoughts.

The product looks to be a good idea, the inventor says she came up with the idea because her children liked to sleep in their carseats.  

But 5 children have died after using the product.

The maker claims this was user error not product error.

The federal government doesn't seem to agree.  After issuing a direct to Nanny Maker to cease making the product and to issue refunds and recalls the manufacture refused.  The government, in a rare move, is suing the company.

Do you have personal experience with this baby product?   Do you think the product company should be held responsible and issue recalls?

Feds Sue Defiant Nap Nanny

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I'm at a loss for this as well.  I think the company should have issued a voluntary recall to anyone who wanted to return it but....it does seem like the instances were from user error (from other sources I've read too) so I don't know why the company would be held liable for that.  I don't think all the information has been made public.

I didn't watch the video and I'm not familiar with the product. But for me, "The infant was not secured in the harness" says it all to me. Typical American reactionary society - somebody gets killed/hurt, blame the object, not the person using it, even if they didn't use it properly.

I've known of kid's who have fallen from tables when they rocked the entire car seat, others that have schooched out onto the floor from a car seat being used inside because they didn't use the straps.

HARNESSES AND STRAPS ARE THERE FOR A REASON!!! Even without an owners manual or instructional video - if it has straps...USE THEM!

Sorry...my rant for the day....

When people put their child's car seat on the table and walk away, or on a booth at the table and the child gets hurt, do they try to sue the car seat maker? NO. They have warning labels stating this is not how you use the seat. If they decide that they are going to ignore that than they are taking a risk that their child will get hurt. The first time this company issued a recall after they were asked to. They made the edges higher and made some information videos on what NOT TO DO. ie Warnings. If the user would have followed the warnings their children would not have gotten hurt. To blame the maker of the seat is just wrong. The blame should be on the adult that used the seat wrong despite being told against it. 

It looks like the company that makes the Nap Nanny has reconsidered their original stance of not going forward with a recall

Baby recliners linked to infant deaths recalled

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