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National Infant Immunization Week- Educational Program Urges Parents to Immunize Kids

Educational Program Urges Parents to Immunize Kids

Are you surprised so many parents have made the move to not immunize their children?

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I'm not surprised.

People finally have access to alternate information....such as at vaclib dot org

They aren't falling for the same fear-tactic that vaccines saved mankind and these diseases will somehow make a comeback if so-called "herd-immunity" is not adhered to.

The main reason those diseases were eradicated was because of modern-day sanitation, especially in the big cities where people live in close-quarters to each other. (No more sewage running in the streets). The flush toilet single-handedly eradicated most of the problems - AND availability of food. Those diseases were in about 90% decline by the time the vaccines were introduced. Vaccination has attempted to ride the coat-tails of various OTHER factors which brought those diseases under control. However, we now have epidemics of many other diseases which once were very rare.

Once people realize that vaccination did/does NOT stop any diseases, but only cause a mountain of various auto-immune diseases/reactions, then the whole racket will end and pharm execs and their government lackeys will be jailed.

Oh yes, that'll be bad for the economy, but what good is the economy if everyone is dying from cancer, leukemia, or suffering from crohn's disease, arthritis, leaky-gut syndrome, eczema, allergies, seizures, etc and so-forth?

And if some of you are scared to stop vaccinating your child because they are lying to you that you need them to attend school, etc, here is a link that'll help:

FLORIDA - IMMUNIZATION EXEMPTIONS by State (includes current statut...




What if I could PROVE to you all that vaccinations didn't prevent/stop/eradicate ANY of the so-called biggie diseases, such as measles, polio, smallpox, etc?

What if I can give you all OFFICIAL statistics and testimony from actual doctors stating that it's all a farce?

Would this information change anyone's mind on vaccinations?

Wouldn't it be similar to unveiling the 'man behind the curtain'?


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