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What would you do?

My daughter will be on an elimination diet for 10 days, per her allergist. The whole process takes at least 19 days due to the number of foods she is eliminating. We decided to do it over the summer since I will be able to keep a better eye on what she ingests. 

I'm already stressing out about the tickets my husband bought for a Ray's game during her diet. He's already talking about cotton candy and crap...."why can't she have that!? It's just sugar!"...I'm not taking any chances of there being corn syrup in it! I'm filling my purse with snacks for her!

We are invited to a pool party the week after school lets out. There will be lots of treats, and most of them will have ingredients we are eliminating from her diet (the main ingredients of most processed food have some form of corn or soy). It's a "bring a dish" party so that helps-I can bring something corn/rice/soy free. Would you still go, and bring your own snacks? Is it too awkward? I know every kid is different, but I think my daughter can handle it without too much of a scene. 

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You are already doing the right thing by being conscious and aware for testing.  I know it will feel like a super long 19 days, but I have faith in you.

It could be harder (it sounds like) to get Dad on the same page.  Is there a way he would be willing to talk to your daughter's doctor to understand the need for the test to be fully realized and followed through with?

If you think your daughter can take the testing seriously without cheating, go for the party.  It will be full of parents and, just like here, they will understand the trials we have to endure with our kids.

Good luck and keep us posted!   :) 

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