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I am due in 22 more days and I'm so excited. You moms gave me some great suggestions on pediatricians, so I have that in the bag. Now I need to find daycare. Maternity leave is 12 weeks but I want to start physically dropping in now to different places so I'm not hindered by wait lists when it's time to go back to work. I may have asked this question before but I don't remember much these days. If anyone has a link to another discussion on the topic I'll take that too. I commute to Tampa so something close to I-4 would be great I'm still learning my way around Lakeland.

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begin by trusting no one . end by trusting no one . do what you must , but do what's right for your child.

- former single , custodial nurturing parent and daycare , even nightcare ,  customer , currently cynical old grandpa , justifiably paranoid for the safety of children.

Small wonders is well known and have several friends with kids there.

We used Bright Imaginations on Old 37.  My husband also commuted so it was easy access to the Polk Parkway.  It's on the southside so not sure if that will work based on your location.

Your not remembering much these days line made me smile.  I tell you, I had a big whopping case of pregnancy brain with each of my children.  May your memory return to you once your bundle of joy enters the world.  :)

And congratulations on getting closer to your due date.   You are getting close.  Ah, those last days are precious.  I hope they will be smooth sailing for you.

Back to topic, there are already topics here about daycare for sure!   I think I pointed you to the search box before at the top right hand corner of the site.  When I typed in 'Infant Child Care',  the results came back (click here for those) with 3 pages of topics.

When I did a search for just 'day care' (click here for that search) there are 32 pages of topics.   Some of it may not be exactly what you're looking for, but could be worth taking some time to leaf through.  

Polk Moms don't disappoint when it comes to needing information.  :)

Contact Early Learning Coalition of Polk for child care referral.

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