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Winter Haven Hospital Community Blood Center is currently in need of all blood types. We are experiencing a critical shortage of the following types: O negative, B negative, A negative, O positive. In most cases when people need blood, the blood that they are transfused with is from someone who donated blood several days before.Please call 297-1840 to help

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Thanks so very much. Please help us spread the word. Blood Banks normally face critical shortages during the summer, yet the need for blood often remains constant. We are looking forward to seeing you. Make sure you eat a good meal before you come up to donate blood and drink extra fluids-especially water the day before and the day of the blood donation. Thank you so very much. Have a great day!

Stacey S. Way said:
I just received a call.... I have Gold Blood (AB-)...
I will be up there either on Monday or Tuesday.
See ya then!

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