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Need recommendations for private schools for middle school

Can anyone give me some recommendations for good private schools? My daughter is going into 6th grade next year and has Auditory Processing Disorder. Basically, she just has trouble with reading comprehension. She has good grades in school but want her to avoid having to take the FCAT. She is not a good test taker. With private schools you do not have to pass the FCAT to graduate high school with a diploma. Thanks!

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I have a friend who has their daughter (who has cerebral palsy) at Lakeland Christian for the same reasons you've listed above.  Also, the smaller class size works well with her.  It's pricey, but they would seriously go without food before they'd pull her out of there.  Good luck!
I have heard that Lakeland Christian has a good program. I am going to be checking it out.

Does your daughter have an IEP? Have they tried accomodations for her (like longer test times, visual strategies, etc)?


Have you tried Earobics or Therapeutic Listening? I am curious if anyone has had results with these. We started Therapeutic Listening, but I couldn't keep up with it. My son was too young to cooperate with it. It was part of his OT for Sensory Processing.


My son has an IEP and we always get those letters that say we qualify for the McKay scholarship, where they pay for you child's education in a private school. I want to try public school for as long as possible, but the FCAT does worry me. Did your daughter pass the third grade FCAT first time around? My son takes it next year.


I have also heard good things about Lakeland Christian.  

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