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Two curious things strike me about this story.  1. It mentions a proposed new shopping center anchored by Kohls located just south of the "Super Target" - Target on the Northside is a regular Target - not a Super Target - is there something I missed?  Target has been running down their garden center at this site, and I've heard rumors that they were expanding to include grocery which may suggest expansion into a Super Target?

2. Why, when there are empty retail spaces all around this proposed site, and in the existing Lakeland Square facility, do they need to build?  Surely existing space could be used and expanded?  It just doesn't seem very green to me.

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I was actually a bit disappointed, I'd have preferred a bit further north. I wonder if the "Super Target" was a mistake or if they are planning an expansion. I usually head to Davenport these days for my shopping anyway, its about as far as N Lakeland and I prefer it - Target, Penney's, pet store, bookstore, etc all in close proximity, unless I need grocery then I head to Lakeland.
I sat there scratching my head when they said Super Target. If only it was a Super Target. Been to one out in Orlando and loved it. I think it would make for interesting competition for Super Wal Mart. I think they should look into filling more open space than build new ones. Although I know it is usually cheaper to go new then to bring the open ones up to code.
I remember hearing that Target is closing alot of their garden centers because it costs too much to upkeep and they aren't making their money back. Perhaps they will add on to incorporate more grocery selections in the target.

In reading this story they are adding a kohl's to the northside - YOOHOO!!! I love Kohl's but hate having to drive to lakeside on the other end of town to get there. Just an FYI, they've already cleared some of the land too - it was where the old steakhouse restaurant used to be - roadhouse or lone star or whatever it was that closed a while ago. so with that, i'm kind of looking forward to it - but I agree with whomever said something about all the empty retail spaces around - i mean bed bath and beyond (next to target) is still empty... all those spaces in the mall are empty - etc.
I didnt see where it said super target all I saw was target but if a khols opens here im really excited about that but I aint goin to get excited about it till it actually happens and opens which probably wont be till 2020 lol
It is not going to be a true SuperTarget, but it will have grocery. Maybe they are considering it a supertarget but I am not expecting a full grocery store like some of the ones in Tampa and Orlando. They are planning on fresh produce/meats/etc from my understanding.

I do see your "green" aspect but yet if a company wants to have a whole center, that won't work from their point. They don't want to rent from others, they want to own. HOPEFULLY, if this goes in some of the other empty locations will be able to attract and fill in empty places.
I thought the Super Target reference was strange as well. Target had bought some of the residential property around there when they built and I heard many of the residents were very hesitant to sell. I guess that has changed. However, I heard a Gordon Food Service was going in the Lone Star spot so when I saw that getting cleared, I assumed that was the case?

I too wonder why they are building a new shopping center with so much vacant space in the area? Large vacancies right now include the old Barnes and Noble, the old Gateway store as well as the mexican restaurant next to it, available space in the Target shopping center, Circuit City and several empty spaces in the mall itself. Kohls should just kick Dillards out of one of their spaces and move in the mall. That would have been a great addition to the mall.

This area is already very bottle-necked with traffic. I'm assuming this is going to mean more roadwork UGGHHH.

Here's the article about Gordons:
They corrected the reference in the article :D

Melissa C said:
I didnt see where it said super target all I saw was target but if a khols opens here im really excited about that but I aint goin to get excited about it till it actually happens and opens which probably wont be till 2020 lol
OK, this is pretty cool, it will actually be more frontage on I-4 and it kinda backs up to Target.

Yes, most Target locations are closing their garden centers and are converting them into a larger grocery area. I am not sure if this will suffice as an official "Super Target" but most targets are doing this now. At least this is what the supermarket news are saying.
i actually looked at the pdf and the map. . . this is NOT the same property of where Lonestar was and supposedly GFS is going. . . this is behind that property, the rent a whatever center and sonnys. . . lots of new stuff coming it seems . . .
I had two people on the phone today ask me, "Did you see the article about the new development going into Lakeland in the Ledger?"

Imagine it said in a really, REALLY irritated voice (both times).

They both, separately, proceeded to tell me this was an atrocity and "How can more development be approved when there is so much retail space left open and an eye-sore?" I was then told I should, "Post this at once on PolkMoms!"

Lol, I told them, "My mommies are already on it." :)

I see a few of you mentioned my callers' angst as well.

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