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My sister-in-law is having her first baby. It took a while for her to get pregnant. She and my brother have a healthy income and can buy whatever they want for the baby. I'm giving her a baby shower and would like to get a gift that they would appreciate. Could you possibly suggest some gift ideas that might be different from the norm? Also, is it rude for me to serve cocktails even though she cannot drink?

Last year I went to a baby shower where cocktails were served and at first I thought it was pretty rude. But, it turned out to be one of the best showers I've ever attended. Plus, the girl that it was for didn't even mind. If I were you, I would ask your sister-in-law how she feels about it. If she says she'd rather not have alcohol served, then so be it. Also, while unique gifts are always desired and highly appreciated, the basic everyday stuff is certainly very much welcome. - Whitney W. in Fort Wayne, IN


I agree with the reader above; ask before making plans to buy and serve alcohol. Skinnies Cocktail Mixers are great to mix with water, juice or to make actual cocktails. There are several flavors to choose from. I use them in my water just to have something else on hand besides coffee, tea and plain water. They're available at Amazon. One of the coolest baby shower gifts I've seen is made by Skadoosie. It's an infant bodysuit that is made with 100% cotton, has baby soft velcro and an unique rear diaper check slot, which I think is extremely helpful. Check out http://www.skadoosie.com/ for ordering info. Then there's Max & Ola who offer TOT Moccasins which are ultra-soft baby moccasins. They're super sturdy and easy to slip on and off. The rubberized pebbles on the bottom protect against slipping and actually help with first steps. They are hand-stitched and feature chromium-free suede leather and a soft leather lining. See https://www.max-ola.com/ for specific details. The packaging on both Skadoosie and Max & Ola products is absolutely gorgeous! Another cool gift is chewable beads. Chewbeads makes an array of colorful beads and bracelets for moms that babies love to chew on while teething. For safety there is no BPA, phthalates, lead, cadmium or heavy metals. Go to http://www.chewbeads.com/ for styles and for a store location in your area. Any of these gift suggestions would make any mommy-to-be feel quite special. Remember, no product is suggested in my column unless I've seen it firsthand and has been tested by my Family Testers, which are made up by real moms, dads and kids.


We're having our first baby in three months. Apparently, the popular thing to do is to ask grandparents what name they would like to be called by the child. In my day, the grandparent just waited to see what the baby came up with, which I really like. My husband's parents came up with some names that I simply dislike. How do I tell them this and should I do it or my husband? Or, should we not even mention it?

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