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Hi Ladies,

My husband and I are currently trying to conceive our first child. After watching "The Business of Being Born" and the new dvds that came out. I am really wanting to have a natural childbirth. I was curious as to experiences with the OB's you've had that are...and are not Natural Birth friendly.

Thanks ladies!


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I wanted natural childbirth with my daughter. She is almost 6 now. I go to dr Puretz at LKLD Ob. He never discouraged me from making this decision. In the end I was unable to go that route because of preacclampsia. My blood pressure got VERY high and he sat down and said " i know u want natural but for yours and the babies health I need to possible rethink it. Never pressured me.

Have you considered home birth?  LakelandMidwiferyCare.com is amazing.  They have been so good to me and we are having our home birth with them soon. You will not be able to have the natural and free kind of birthing experience they talk about in "The Business of Being Born" in a hospital... around here anyway.

It's wonderful you are thinking about this now. I would suggest that you meet with local midwives and ob doctors now, before you conceive. It is also important to have preconception health counseling. Starting with your current GYN doctor is a good place.
I myself had 3 medication free vaginal births in hospitals. They were not intervention free but I was not as informed with my first 2 as I was with the 3rd. My 3rd pregnancy and birth was the highest risk but the most intervention free when it came to labor and birth. My point being is that every pregnancy and birth is different and I believe education and flexibility are the key to having a satisfying birth experience.
Good luck and please share your experiences !

I cannot repeat what Carla said enough.  Do your research, meet with some local practitioners, and make your best decision from there.  My OB experience is nearly a decade old and isn't applicable in your case, but I will say that in my experience midwifery care was my best option.  I had a local OB practice with my first pregnancy and the two doctors in the group who were doing OB couldn't have been more different.  One was very interested in the midwifery model of care and was fully on board with the idea that the laboring woman was the one truly doing all the work so her convenience (in terms of positions, etc) should be considered first, whereas her partner was very much old-school, to a frightening degree. 

Fortunately the midwifery-friendly doctor was present for my son's birth, but even so the policies at LRMC at the time when he was born, coupled with my inexperience (I'd read a lot, but wasn't prepared to have to advocate forcefully for myself while I was in hard labor and my then-husband wasn't helpful in that regard) caused that birth experience to be so unpleasant that I still remember it almost fourteen years later.  It was precisely due to that horror-show that my second son was born at home.  With that birth, my care was excellent and I couldn't have been more pleased.

I have 1 hospital birth, 1 birth center birth, and number 3 will hopefully a home birth (I'm due in about 1 month). With each birth I have gained more confidence in my body and do wish that I had skipped the hospital birth and at least gone straight to a birth center. My hospital experience wasn't horrible, but it came with some unnecessary interventions.

Currently, I am under the care of Lakeland Midwifery Care, a home birth provider. However, I do know that they can provide prenatal care for women desiring a hospital birth. I'm not entirely sure how that works, but it is a good compromise for some married couples in which the husband can't overcome his apprehension.

Hi There,

First off I want to say Congratulations a child will bring much JOY in your lives! I am a mother of 5 I had my first 3 in the hospital my 4th at home and my last in a birthing center. From my experience The home birth and Birthing center was the best for me even though I have had all my children natural and without drugs those were best for me. If you choose other than your home I would recommend Labor Of Love I'm not sure all their locations but the one I went to was in South Lakeland. All the women there are extraordinary. Once again congratulations and good like finding your birthing home:) Happy Baby Times! 

We, too, wanted a completely natural birth and went to a large ob/gyn clinic with a doctor who supported every aspect of our birthing plan.  Touring the hospital, we were dismayed that the birthing tub that was discussed on their web site had been removed.  Nurses' vague responses to our questions gave us the hint that our well-thought-out plan for a natural birth was wishful thinking.  Everything was great until one week prior to the expected date, when an ultrasound indicated our baby had stopped gaining weight.  Our clinic said the baby had to be delivered that afternoon.  Against our plan, the hospital insisted on using two drugs to speed the delivery.  Bottom line: the birthing plan is a wish list--don't expect it to be followed at all.  We suspect that medical facilities are concerned about being sued and make recommendations based on that.

I went to Labor of Love for both my deliveries, and had an overall great experience. No drugs and I lived to tell about it, and did it a second time! I was home 5 hours after my babies were born, it was great. No wires, no stirrups. I went to Watson Clinic for one ultrasound (per child) but otherwise there was no doctor involved.

Now, I was low risk and I knew my mom had quick deliveries. So I felt very comfortable going the natural route. It's not for everyone. If you happen to not have maternity coverage in your health insurance, it's also a pretty affordable way to go.



We had our second son at Labor of Love after the nurses at Lakeland Regional harassed us about vaccines (Hep B and vitamin k) for three straight days when our first son was born there.  They even called DCF into the room without even introducing her to us.  


So anyhow, Labor of Love was an excellent experience for us.  We were home within three hours of our second son being born. 


Birth is NOT a medical emergency, nor is birth a time to juice-up your child with a vaccine that's for persons who engage in risky drug or sexual behavior.


In fact, back in the 90s, it was admitted that since adults who engage in risky behavior weren't buying the Hep B vaccine, they decided to victimize babies with it instead.



(Excerpt): Dr. Richard Aach, a hepatitis expert at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Cleveland, said he favored the strategy of vaccinating children because the vaccine "has not been well received" among adults. "Our strategies just have not worked," he said.............




‎(Excerpt): Frustrated by the widespread reluctance of adults to be vaccinated against hepatitis B, a leading cause of serious illness and death, a Federal panel has recommended that all children be vaccinated instead. It is the first time that the Immunization Practices Advisory Committee of the Public Health Service has recommended vaccinating children for a disease whose victims are almost always adults.




‎(Excerpt): "This approach to immunize children to prevent a serious chronic adult disease has never been tried before," said Dr. Harold Margolis, the chief of the hepatitis branch at the Federal Centers for Disease Control.


I've been following this post since you posted the question and was hesitant to add a response but I would like to add something as an alternate view point.  I would like to start by saying that I am certainly an advocate of holistic and conservative medicine and our situation is extremely rare (less than a 1% percent chance of our situation happening); however, things can and do go wrong at times necessitating the care a hospital provides.  The kicker is that we never had a clue that something was wrong with our baby until after the birth and it didn't become evident until about 8-12 hrs later.  Our baby had an ileal atresia and a vovlulus which is a critical surgical emergency.  This is not something that could have been seen on a prenatal ultrasound.  It became apparent after our baby would not pass meconium although she was well within the 24 hr period that is considered normal, was not feeding well, was spitting up, and began to have abdominal distention.  Once the abdominal distention began she was having intestinal death.  The staff at LRMC was able to get her transferred to St. Jospeh's Hospital very expeditiously once the seriousness of her situation was realized.  If we had to wait to go into the ER from a home or birthing center, went through their diagnostics and then wait to transfer we may have lost our daughter or she could have had catastrophic intestinal loss with lifetime limitations of short bowel syndrome.  As it is, she lost about 30-40% of her small intestine and spent 10 weeks in the NICU at St. Joseph's with 2 surgeries.  This was my 3rd pregnancy and had no issues with either of my other 2 babies.  We never dreamed that something like this would happen with no warning.

It was very good advice from the other poster to interview possible providers and hospitals as the providers also have to follow the policies of the hospitals in which they practice.  I can enthusiastically recommend St. Joseph's Women's Hospital if you're up for a drive or LRMC as I feel they did a good job in our case.  That was my 2nd delivery at LRMC.  My OB was Dr. Garas who I feel is a fantastic doctor who really listens to his patients and their wishes concerning their birth plan.  It is most important that whatever option you choose to be your own advocate.

Good luck.

Hi Everyone,

I just want to say thank you for all the responses and everyone can keep them coming. 

To Jenny 22- I wish you all the best and thank you so much for sharing your story with me! 

I love everyones opinion. My biggest fear, of course, is something going wrong after birth. That is why I am really wanting to having a natural birth at a hospital. I do realize some Birth Centers are close to a hospital. Of course I am still considering my options. I really appreciate all of your input and I'm looking forward to hearing more! It helps so much!!

Thank you again everyone!!! 

My son is 7 months old and I gave birth at LRMC.  While I was not strongly opposed to medication or some intervention when medically necessary, I wanted as natural a birth as the hospital scene could provide.  I opted for hospital for two reasons: 1) I had already had a miscarriage and knew that I am a heavy bleeder and 2) the potential for issues to arise after birth even if all looked great up to the days.  I will tell you during my pregnancy my provider (Watson Clinic) appeared to understand my wishes and seemed all for my plan.  However, with my due date one week away and no indication that the baby was ready to be born, that all changed.  I was pressured to schedule an induction and then a c-section.  I was told that if my due date passed I was greatly increasing the risk of a still birth, among other - largely false - information.  When I chose not to be induced on my due date, I did so AMA - against medical advice - even though there was NO indication that anything was wrong with my baby or me.  Skipping ahead, once I was in labor at LRMC, I found that had I not educated myself and had my husband not been a wonderful advocate for me, I would have had all kinds of intervention.  No one was in favor a natural birth.  This is just one woman's experience.  I encourage you, as have others, to start your search now.

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