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Obsessions: How ABC's 'Revenge' snuck up on us

Okay, the link above mentions big numbers when it comes to views of the ABC show Revenge which I hope can translate to some of them being willing to chat the show right here.  

I've admitted my recently found obsession with the series in our Looking Forward To the 2011 Fall TV Line-up, have you also picked up the show?  If so, have you decided on favorite characters in the drama?

How do you think the show is going so far?   Are the angles going the way you would like to see them go?

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My favorite show!!!  Sitting on the edge of my seat with this one and got my son hooked too...lol.   Love Emily but Victoria is something else too..and Nolan....WOW!!!


I just watched the season finale.  As season finales go, it didn't disappoint in leaving me wanting for more and eager for next season.  

Jennifer, I'm glad you chimed in to let me know you're hooked.  Is anyone else? 

Just in case some of you haven't seen the finale yet, I won't add details.  Get it watched, heck, get the whole season watched, and then come back and chat this show with me.  You can catch all the episodes on ABC's website.

I'm seriously still reeling.  Just.  Wow!

Based on your recommendation last fall Shawn I watched the first couple episodes online to get caught up and have been hooked since! Hubby never got into it so I DVR it each week and watch it while he's at work. Guess I need to grab and snack and go hit play!...

I love this show... I like Emily as cold and calculating as she may be, it is what happened to her and her father that has made her who she is.  I am looking forward to the season finale (its dvr'd since i'm out of town this week) and next season as well.

OMGeee.....Okay I won't reveal any spoilers on here since I am sure a few Revenge lovers may have not seen last nights epi......but OMGEEEE!!!!

Okay the show is coming back in the fall!!  However it will be on Sunday nights......which on one hand I like this new night but I also watch the Good Wife which is also now on Sunday nights  argh!!!!  fingers crossed not the same time slot!!!!

Okay!  It's September so this means, this month (albeit at the end of this month) will bring on season two of this show.   The season opener will air Sept. 30 at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

  Did you already see the promo?

Eeekkk!! I forgot about Revenge! We don't have satellite anymore :(  Time to look into an antenna....

Don't tell me, don't tell me.  I haven't had a chance to watch last night's episode yet but, I soooooo DVRed it.

In case you missed it and forgot to set the show to record, you can watch the full episode online at this ABC link.

I.  Can.  Not.  WAIT!   

Have you seen it yet?

ahhhhhhh,  I watched it last night and mental flashbacks of the episode keep distracting my day today.

So many options and angles for story lines to branch out from.   Did any of you catch it?  Do you have a favorite angle or hope for the future with this show? 

My Jaw was dropped throughout the episode!!!!  Is it Sunday yet?   

In case this could be interesting for some of you ;)

"Revenge" Stars Go Shirtless -- Who's Hottest?

I don't want to mess it up for anyone that hasn't seen last night's show, yet, but, it was good and has a little something to do with this:

'Revenge': Has Someone Finally Figured Out Emily's Real Identity?

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