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Moms, we are long overdue for a moms night out.  I need it, you need it, so let's get together.  :)

We started chatting about Texas Roadhouse (see that discussion here) and it had me inspired.   Let's go try it.  I already called and they said they would be happy to accommodate our group if we give them a good RSVP number.  

I do have a giveaway item for our night, more on that later.  

My main purpose right now is to get this date out there for you to plan ahead, giving us plenty of opportunity to have our group down first for this date.

Friday, November 30, 2012 will be our Moms Night Out.

This bypasses Thanksgiving vacation, Christmas parties sure to come (I hope) and the Twilight opening (grin!).  

Let me know if you're coming!   I can't wait.  :)

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I'm in...and can't wait, MNO is so much fun with Polk Moms!

Yay!!! I should be able to be there, unless someone screws up.... this is way overdue!  and i really like texas roadhouse.

Oh I really want to come! I can't commit yet but I'm hoping things line up so I can.

I hope to be there -- we'll have to see if my poor husband is available for staring at my offspring! :)

Ditto what MandyJay said - I'll touch base with hubby tonight and see if I can get on his calendar :)

I am in :) What are we doing? :)

Great to see feedback so far!!!!  Woo-hoo!   

Ashley, I thought dinner and chat would be good.  In past when we tried to squeeze in dinner and a movie we feel a little rushed to make the movie.   We'll be having dinner at Texas Roadhouse in Lakeland.   I've never been, so my first time will be with you ladies.  :)   I've heard they have some dancing by the staff there as entertainment?

Okay, I'm back with the giveaway details.  I am so jealous of who will win.  :D

You will have to be present at our moms night out to enter for a chance in this giveaway, so come on, sign up (RSVP) right here.  

At our event each of you will put your name in "the pot" and I will ask the server to draw one out for our winner.

The winner will receive a gift basket courtesy of Texas Roadhouse in Lakeland.  I would also like to extend a special thanks to a fellow mom for putting the basket together for us, Texas Roadhouse Local Store Marketer, Mindy White. 

Here is a picture of an example basket the will be comparable to what our winner will receive.  

The basket will include:

- A gift certificate for two at the Lakeland location of Texas Roadhouse

- 2 Free Kids Meals for Children 12 and under

- a Glass Boot Mug

- a bottle of Texas Roadhouse steak sauce

- a bottle of A.1. steak sauce

and of course, you'll get the ultra cute basket this all comes in.   :)

I'll add, this is all subject to change, disclaimer but I certainly don't expect it to.

So, to wrap up this add of good news, not only will you have a fun night getting out for a Moms night out, you just might come home with this great prize.  

I did mention to the restaurant that we would RSVP three days prior to our event.  I need a head count by Tuesday, November 27th.

Brent put it on his calendar, so unless something beyond unforeseen breaks out, I'm in for sure :)

Oooh, I'm down for a PMNO, but I have to convince my hubby to change his flight that day :)  I'll let you know.     

Great, MandyJay!

Mellanie, I hope you can make it!   :)

Mellanie said:

Oooh, I'm down for a PMNO, but I have to convince my hubby to change his flight that day :)  I'll let you know.     

I'm in :) Excited- Can't wait :)


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