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Moms, we are long overdue for a moms night out.  I need it, you need it, so let's get together.  :)

We started chatting about Texas Roadhouse (see that discussion here) and it had me inspired.   Let's go try it.  I already called and they said they would be happy to accommodate our group if we give them a good RSVP number.  

I do have a giveaway item for our night, more on that later.  

My main purpose right now is to get this date out there for you to plan ahead, giving us plenty of opportunity to have our group down first for this date.

Friday, November 30, 2012 will be our Moms Night Out.

This bypasses Thanksgiving vacation, Christmas parties sure to come (I hope) and the Twilight opening (grin!).  

Let me know if you're coming!   I can't wait.  :)

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So glad I went last night. You ladies are a lot of fun. Good to finally meet you all! 

Ha, it's me that wants to thank you ladies for coming out and spending the evening with me! 

I had so much fun, much needed fun.  

You all keep an eye and ear open on a place where we can do this again, and I would be even game to go back to Texas Roadhouse.   They gave us a cozy corner location for us to be in our own world.  And Mistaken, you're right, I didn't even notice the sweeping and empty joint until it was pretty much just us left.  Opps!

I was very impressed with all that we sampled for dinner.  I'm not a big pickle fan but their fried pickles chips rock!  In fact, I'm craving some right now.  I can totally see me going just for the pickles.  Yummy.  My steak was de-lish as well.  :) 

Great time.  Great time! 

We ended up doing a purse game which Ashley won an art glass necklace and our big drawing of the night for a basket full of treats that included gift certificates to go back to Texas Roadhouse went to Mellanie.  Thank you to Texas Roadhouse for this treat and congrats to Mellanie.  I know you will enjoy it.   :)


Ladies Mom's Night Out was once again a success.  It was a lot of fun.  Thank you Shawn for putting together a wonderful outing once again.  Must I add you look great and being around your contagious happy go lucky personality is always well worth it.  Ladies we closed the place down and the Roadhouse never said one word to us about getting out ;)  I will have to bring a purse next time to play the Martha Stewart purse game really who has two choices of gum?  Or a used tissue?  LMAO... I did find a bouncy ball in Shawn's purse haha... I was happy to see the old faces I remember having many good times with and new faces I had not met yet.  So when was our field trip to the A-dale thrift store taking place.  Thanks again ladies :)

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