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I've heard of 'Elf on the Shelf' from you ladies a few years back but never incorporated it into our Christmas routine.   Considering the tousles my youngest two sometimes get in with each other, it could be an awesome thing to do, to nod over to an eavesdropping elf and say, "The elf is watching you".

I largely forgot about this tradition but I had three, yes 3! moms email me this morning about a funny blog a mommy wrote called, Over Achieving Elf on the Shelf Mommies.   To preempt that link, there are some rough around the edges language in there but I'm going to admit to head nodding and laughing as I read it. 

In the blog you can get the general idea of how the elf works but if you want to explore other feedback Amazon has several listings of reviews and sells the kit: The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition to get one started.

Do you have an elf on the shelf tradition in your household?  If so, does your elf get into mischief or is he just hanging out to report back to Santa?

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LOL! I LOVE the elf on the shelf! Ours appeared about a week ago. The kids named him Jack. Jack's been hanging out watching until just 2 nights ago. The other night he decided he wanted to play so he found the Jenga blocks and set those up with little plastic pigs in the structure he built. Then he found an imaginenext claw on a hinge that's kind of like a catapult (can you see where I'm going with this?) The kids found Jack sitting in the makeshift catapult yesterday morning with a note that read "I want to play Angry Birds". They got a big kick out of it. He sat there all day, then when my youngest and I were at the bus stop, he launched. We came home from the bus stop with Jack laying in a mess of Jenga blocks :) He got all thie pigs.  Last night he displaced the angel from atop the tree and perched himself up there. The kids have gotten such a kick out of him!!

I love getting on Facebook every day and reading what other elves are doing!! :) I have one friend who's elf is rather mischevious and I have laughed out loud at some of it's antics!

My favorite sites so far are:

Magic Elf Seeds

Elf on the Shelf Ideas


And for a good laugh there's this one but don't let the kiddies see. It's purely for amusment for people with a warped sense of humor like myself :)

Elf on the Shelf Almost R-Rated Ideas

 My favorite there is the Peeping Tom elf. That one really makes me giggle for some reason!



Ohhhh, so you're one of thoooose moms, the overachieving moms like mentioned in the blog I posted, lol ;)  

Another lol, I love it Alicia!  Truly!  I'm so impressed that you Jack is so active!  You go girl!   And thanks for adding those extra links.  I'm off to check them out.   :)

What a cute idea, but one I could so see myself forgetting to move the elf.  I do love the elf seeds idea and will borrow this without the elf.  I'll let him plant the seeds to see what grows.  Super easy cause Pillsbury make the sugar cookie Christmas Trees. 

In the week we've had ours I've woken up at least 3 times at about 4am in a panic because I've forgotten to move the elf. The kids get a big kick out of it but it can be a little stressful!

We have an elf on the shelf too..  This is his second year of being in our house and his name is Elfy Bells.. He works wonders on the 4 year old.. All I have to say is Elfy Bells is watching you and he straightens his act up really quick!! Ours doesn't get into any trouble though! lol It takes all I have to remember to move him every night!! There have been a couple of mornings that the kids have said he hasn't moved :/ but, I just explained to them that sometimes he is just tired and likes to stay in the same spot! lol It's worked so far!!

Lol last night was another one, I woke up his am at 4:15 and realized I DIDN'T MOVE JACK! He was originally going to put on a mask and cape and take a ride in the Batmobile. Another night for that. My plan for tonight is he's going to bring a note from Santa. They've been fighting TERRIBLY so I'm thinking we'll try to have Santa address it. And clean their mess. Don't know if it will help, but it's worth a shot. I figure if tomorrow's a great day then Jack will bring the magic seeds for them to plant.

I love the seeds idea, that is too cute!   I think it's awesome for those that do this tradition to make the time to get it done.  Like said, I am so afraid I would forget and then I would have " some 'splainin' " to do.  :)

I think I would like to adopt this tradition but then I wonder if it would freak out my kids a little.  A mobile doll while they slept could sound a little Chucky-ish?  I think it's a cute idea but my kids are SO sensitive to things.  Right now we are going through Lillian having a fear of wolves and coyotes being able to come into the house.  I have no idea where that came from!  :/

Nathan (4 years old) was a little freaked out at first... He wouldn't let me read the book to him and he just stood there and looked at the elf. But, after watching the movie on T.V. he came around when now he wakes up every morning  the first thing he does is run around the house looking for him!

I would fail at this - no question.  That's why we are elf-less.

Eeekkkkk I forgot again the other night... I fell asleep on the couch... but, thank goodness  (hubby works at night)  my hubby came in and noticed and saved the day!! lol

My kid does not like Chucky and has had bad dreams after reading about trains and tornadoes in the evening.  Maybe next year or an abbreviated version over the next couple days.  We have a stuffed elf already,  it does sound like a fun tradition.

New Christmas Tradition Delights Families

Above is a cute local feature chatting Elf on the Shelf.  I just may try to find a good deal on one at an after Christmas sale.

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