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Been looking at pictures on Pinterest at Pantry Organizing and all I can say is OMG!!!!  I wish I had half of those HUGE organized pantry's.  I got 2 of the free standing $40 pantry's from Target.  One I keep everyday stuff in and in the other is my baking stuff.  I really need to just take everything out and organize it much better than what it is.  I got a few ides and I need to go to the Dollar Tree and Walmart to get some more containers and baskets.  I also need to move the medication I keep in the top kitchen cabinet and on the counter.  Not only is my mom having issues reaching up (that's the reason it's on the counter), but with summer coming it feels warm in there cause the sun hits that side for half the day.  Was thinking of moving it to one of the pantry's so there's no reaching, it can stay cool and doesn't clutter up my counter.  I am thinking of ordering a food can organizer, but I had seen on a couple sites that they use the wired magazine holders that you used to buy at Walmart.  I've seen some use the cardboard ones you can get now.  It is half the cost and I just may try it. 

Also need to see if Lowes or Home Depot will cut a couple pieces of plywood down so I can redo the bottom of the cabinet.  I had a leak in the sink before and did not realize it and it ruined the wood under there.  Not wanting to replace the cabinets, so I just need to measure and lay down plywood back under there.  Once I get the laundry room cleared out I can organize that as well and put my small appliances in there.  Got so many ideas, but then get stumped trying to put it into action.  Either I think of something else or it's the cost.  Since we are not going anywhere so a while I may as well get this place to the way I want and like it. 

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Tabby, it's interesting that you posted this. I need to get into my pantry to clean and organize pronto. 

I don't know what I brought home that had bugs in it or what other way they may have gotten in there, but I have little bugs all in my pantry!  

I'm going to go through and just toss all the bagged and boxed stuff.   It feels like a waste but I can't have us eating after this infestation.   Gross!

I had some before as well and it was either from a box or bag of stuff I used for baking (flour, oats, or something).  Had to toss it all and I felt so sick doing that.  I do have some air tight containers I bought from the Dollar Tree to put dry goods in.  I don't have a label maker, but I wrote down what it was on a little piece of paper I cut up and taped it to the containers.  My mom has even brought me home some large containers and glass jars from her job (the ones I can't get the smell out of I toss though).  There's only so much soaking and home tricks to try to rid the smells of pickles, eggs, and other stuff...lol  Since she drinks instant coffee (Walmart brand), I found those plastic canisters handy for cookies, sweet & low, candies, crackers, rice, beans, and even any leftover spaghetti sauces (no need to stain any good storage containers..lol).  Plus if you do like soups in jars as gifts, they are the same size as the quart mason jars and you just saved the extra expense. 

I think that I am going to take a few hours one day and sneak away to Lowes and Home Depot to see about some kitchen organizational items for the kitchen.  I'll write down what I like with prices and do some comparative shopping.  Amazon has a bunch of stuff I like so I have an idea of what I want to do.  Found this link on Pinterest and I would love to make one.  I wish I had the tools to do it but I can always get some at the Pawn shops for cheap. 


I wish I would have thought to hit up the Dollar Tree to grab some containers. I ended up spending a small fortune on containers at Wal-Mart. So much so, that I haven’t completely restocked the pantry yet. I want to make a 100% chance the bugs are gone before I do and I don’t plan on putting items back in unless it has an airtight container to go into.

Did I ever feel my pantry overhaul and clean-out this morning getting breakfast for the kiddos.

“Do we have any grits?” No, sorry.” “How about oatmeal?” “We’re out of that, too.” “Cereal? “ “Nope.” “Pop- Tarts?” “Not that either……”

We ended up with jelly toast and frozen pancakes.

So, yes, I definitely need to restock. It was heart wrenching all that I threw out. You know those big bags of Uncle Ben’s converted rice that are about $8 a piece? Gulp! I had to throw out two of those! All those great deals of BOGO pastas and noodles are all gone, too. Breadcrumbs, oatmeal, cereals, oh the list goes on and on.
I guess since I’m starting over with a clean slate, as I’m restocking, I’m going to look into better organization ideas.

I’ll add some I ran into that looks pretty helpful.

On a good note, my pantry looks nice and fresh. While I had all the contents out I went ahead and added a new nice coat of fresh paint in there. If not empty, it still looks spiffy and clean. :)

Other organizing your pantry videos at this link
And I loved some of the ideas added here, How to Declutter Your Pantry and Cabinets

Uggh! Those bugs! Got them bad in my house in Miami once. I think it was from pasta. They are like little black mealy bugs. Ick! I could hear them crunching on stuff! I got them once or twice here, but not as bad. Once they started flying after a while. Things like pasta and flour will get them. I think you bring them home from the store and they multiply quickly. If you're like me, and you don't cook often, and you ignore some pasta for a while....it becomes a breeding ground. If I am making pasta, and I can't remember how long I've had it, I will now pour it into a bowl before cooking it to check for bugs, because I hate to strain it and find one or two stragglers in there!

The first night I started my clean out I put items on my kitchen island and on my dining room table (which is a few steps open into the kitchen).   When I woke up the next morning I literally had a black line of death around my dining room.  I have indoor spray service that sprays around the baseboards every few months.  What ever the mixture was, when the bugs walked across it, they were goners.

I had some items stored on the floor in the pantry like bottles of juice and cooking oil so the spray 'man' didn't spray inside there typically for my regular service.  When I woke up with the pantry all bare and newly painted, I did still see some bugs crawling around on the pantry floor.  I took a can of compressed air (what you can use to clean electronics with) and sprayed it between the line where the tile meets the wall and MORE bugs flew out.  I knew I needed the spray service to come back over and spray inside while it was bare in there.   Since then, there's been no more bug problems and I'm beginning to restock slowly but surely.

Another weird about this whole thing.  I have a chest freezer in my garage.  For some reason the circuit breaker it's plugged into tripped after a good overnight rain we had a couple of weeks ago without my realizing it.  I lost everything in the freezer, too!   Geez, grocery bills are bad enough but not utilizing what was bought and having to buy more really stinks.

Out went my frozen and dry goods.  All I had left was the fresh in my refrigerator and my can goods.

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