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I am getting ready to have my little bundle in a few weeks. I would love some feedback on pediatricians in Lakeland. Does anyone have any suggestions? Do you like your doc and why? My OB recommended a Dr. Eanett in Watson south. Has anyone else used this doctor before?

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I have volunteered for dr Schlick for a while and went to her when I was younger! It is her and 4 practitioners. They are all awesome and are great about seeing patients at the last minute. Very caring and accept medicaid and private insurance.

We love the folks at Lakeside Pediatrics, especially Dr. Leviten.

My daughter has Dr Eanett as her ped, she will be 6 in December. We love him.  Any concerns I have ever had he has sat down with me and discussed them.  It has never been rush in and out.  If I need to talk he is willing to listen to me concerns.  There are 3 other doctors in that same group but I have only dealt with one other and it was a women, her name started with a G, I think.  My daughter is very comfortable around him, even telling him what is wrong and asking questions on why he is doing certain things and he has always stopped and explained what he was doing.  I highly recommend him.

I picked him on a recommendation from numerous friends that used him for their children. 

I have heard great things about Eanett. Also Cornet...I think he's at Watson north. We use Hutto at Watson south but I don't know that she takes new patients. I am one to change my own docs a lot, but with Dr. Hutto...she is the only pediatrician we have ever seen for our two children, 6 and 9. Sometimes she has a limited schedule on certain days, so we will see Gayal in a pinch, and I like her too.

My kids see Dr Schick and I've been very happy with her and the PA (Jessica I believe her name is)

Dr. Frates at Watson Clinic North is our pediatrician. We have been with him for more than 15 years and love the care/consideration. For the first time ever, last month I had to see a different doctor in after hours and we saw Dr. Cornett. He was great, too!

Dr Eannett is good, we currently see Dr. Pictorial and like her very much. Have also seen Dr. Gayal she's very nice also, all are at Watson south. Love Hutto too but last time we checked she wasn't taking new patients, that was a few months back, could have changed by now.

Taryn, I'm glad you're getting good response and feedback in your thread but be sure to do a search for other topics like this one for additional comments.   In the top right hand corner we have a PolkMoms search box.   I just typed in Pediatrician and 27 pages of results turned up (click here for those).  There's some awesome feedback (good and bad) here on multiple choices.

Congratulations on this exciting time in your life!  :)

Thank you guys so much for all the feedback. It has been very helpful. I think I've almost narrowed down my choices. I'm due in less than 30 days and I really wish I would've found polkmoms sooner I had a ton of questions about things in the area.

Be sure NOT to get your baby vaccinated with the incredibly dangerous and useless HEP B shot minutes after birth.

I want everyone to know, the New York Times admitted that babies were targeted with that shot starting in the early 90s because the high-risk sexual and drug groups were not buying it. 

Hep B quotes from NY Times 1991:


(Excerpt): Dr. Richard Aach, a hepatitis expert at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Cleveland, said he favored the strategy of vaccinating children because the vaccine "has not been well received" among adults. "Our strategies just have not worked," he said.............




‎(Excerpt): Frustrated by the widespread reluctance of adults to be vaccinated against hepatitis B, a leading cause of serious illness and death, a Federal panel has recommended that all children be vaccinated instead. It is the first time that the Immunization Practices Advisory Committee of the Public Health Service has recommended vaccinating children for a disease whose victims are almost always adults.




‎(Excerpt): "This approach to immunize children to prevent a serious chronic adult disease has never been tried before," said Dr. Harold Margolis, the chief of the hepatitis branch at the Federal Centers for Disease Control.


And here are some articles at Dr. Mercola's site:

60 Dangers of the Hepatitis B Vaccine

Hepatitis B Vaccine Triples the Risk of Autism in Infant Boys

Hepatitis B Vaccine Highly Linked to Sudden Infant Death

Hepatitis B Vaccinations: Michael Belkin Testimony to Congress Tuesday May 18,...

Our son sees Dr. Velez at Watson North.  We've seen quite a few of the Watson pediatricians over the last nine months and have only great things to say about all of them.  I highly recommend picking a few and meeting with him/her.  My wife found she had an instant rapport with Dr. Velez.

You probably already chose your dr. by now.  We used to use Dr. Eanett.  Great doctor, but very busy with lots of patients.  So we only were able to get in to see him on scheduled well check up appts.  He was always full when my girls were sick, so we would be put with another Watson Clinic South dr.  for those appts.  We were seeing Dr. Ghyal so much for sick child appts that we eventually switched to her.  My youngest had some really weird, and rare illnesses that Dr. Ghyal was able to diagnose, she even called me at home to check on my daughter.  I have 2 other friends that had the same situation, never getting an appt with Eanett when kids were sick so switched to Ghyal.  Basically just be wiling to see any doctor in the practice when your child is sick. 

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