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I have thought of this topic several times for several reasons.  When looking at my own budget I've often wondered if it was worth having a land line.  We really rarely use it.  Also, when thinking of friends I chat on the phone with, I know a few that gave up their landline for full time cell use.


I definitely wouldn't consider those I know with out a land line, 'poor'.  Financially savvy, maybe.  


Have you considered losing the landline at your house?


Poor households take lead in abandoning landlines

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I gave up my land line a year ago,and I am not sorry that I did.I now have broad band & 2 cell phones for the same price I was paying fo my land line.


We ditched the landline well over a year ago. We have no cable out here anyway so if you want internet it's aircard or satellite (or gasp dial up)  Many people on my street have problems with their landlines, we did too, every time it rains the phone goes out - sometimes for days while the line dries. Verizon swears up and down it's not them, it's our inside wiring but really, many of my neighbors have the same problems so I'm not buying it. So I quickly lost patience for something I couldn't always use. The main reason I had been hanging onto a landline was for 911, knowing they could get my address if one of the kids had to call or I couldn't speak, but without it being reliable I decided to take my chances, I've taught the older ones the address and really it's a rare worry that no one here would be able to tell the operator where we are. 


I haven't regreted it for a minute, it did take some experimenting to see what cell companies actually get service in my house (turns out there are only 2). We ported our landline number to the cell so I didn't have to change my primary number with everyone.

I have considered giving it up, but we're in a bundle package with Verizon and it would only take about 20$ off our bill (we have all the perks as well - caller id, LD, 3 way, etc) and I do use it quite a bit to call my family in NY and my aunt in Fort Myers plus any other random calls.  I monitor the cell phone usage so we don't go over; and if I gave up the landline I really wouldn't save money b/c then I'd have to increase my minutes on our plan.  plus its nice when you lose power in the middle of the night to call lakeland electric to report the problem b/c we're probably the only one on the block with a plug in phone for emergencies (plugged into the exercise room)

We gave up our landline in December. Cable too. Kept our cell phones, subscribed to Netflix & Hulu and haven't really considered going back.


Only drawback so far... I can't fax things from home anymore. 

We added the digital phone to the cable/internet bill for $5 a month and turned off the land line.  We had the land line for a number of years just so we could have a phone when internet and cells went out during storms, but it's just too much to pay $50 or more a month just so that telemarketers can call.
I haven't had a land line in almost 3 years.  We never used it and it would go out when it rained too. I had it in with my cable and internet and was paying around $200 a month from BrightHouse. So I dropped the phone and only pay $120 for the rest. We already had enough mintues on our cell phones that we didnt even come close to. Plus we can talk to other people with tmobile for free. I have thought about doing like Jennifer and using Netflix and Hulu and just doing away with cable. But I dont think it will save me much because I will have to pay for internet still from Brighthouse.
We haven't had an official land line for years. My husband works from home and has a landline for work. If his job didn't pay for the land line, I don't know that we would keep it. It has two numbers...one for work, one for the fax. Our home phone is officially listed as the fax, so this is where all the telemarketing calls come in. 

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