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We are looking for FRESH Black Eyed Peas. It can be a u-pick or ready to go. PLEASE HELP me find some. We would like a few hampers. PLEASE let me know. THANK YOU

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A friend of mine owns Coopers Deli & Market and I know she recently had black eye peas, not sure of the quantity. Give her a call.

If you go the the market in downtown Lakeland on Wednesday (11am-3pm) or Saturday (8am-2pm) you can find them.
This past Wednesday I bought some zipper peas from Parke Family HydroFarms but he also had black eyed peas, already shucked. They were delicious. I was eating them straight from the bag on the car ride home - insectiside and pesticide free too!
How much and where are you located? Do we have to pick them?

courtney said:
a friend of mine is selling Purple Hull Peas. if anyone is interested.

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