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I am a mother of 3 little boys 6, 4, and 3...my 4 year old son Tyler has some problems that I believe is Aspengers Syndrome (a form of Autism) ....He has not been diagnosed, I am not sure where to go.. I have talked to his doctor and she seems its not a problem but things just get so overwhelming at times I just dont know what to do and I feel there is a problem...can anyone give me some advice or a start point to try to get help for me and my little boy...He deserves to live life like a normal little boy...

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Dr. Russell Blaylock M.D. is a well-known neurosurgeon and

wrote the following article which may concern many of you:



mechanisms of vaccine damage to the nervous system




Here is the table of contents on the free article:


Ignorance of the experts
Difficulties for children in the third world .
The neurotoxicity of aluminium
Mercury neurotoxicty
eveloping brain during the early stages of pregnancy
Levels of "acceptable exposure"
Conclusions by the study group
Hypocrisy and bogus claims
Brain development and neurological effects
Damage control

References For This Article



We've seen Quershi, too.  Although I think she is a very nice lady, I don't feel I learned a lot from our encounters.   It has been awhile since I've been there, but at the time her office staff left a lot to be desired.   I'm on the hunt for a new neurologist.

Alicia (Alsan) said:
I've heard mixed reviews on Quershi - I was not at all impressed when we went, but everyone is different.  We currently see Ronald Davis for my son's neurology needs and I've been real happy there although I don't know what kind of testing they do. Although we see Dr Davis for neurology, we went to a developmental pediatrician for full developmental testing and Dr Davis also referred us to FL Hosp for screening for auditory processing disorder (he's still too young to fully test foir that though, we'll take him again in a year or two)
Shawn, I've heard great things about Millan and Gunderman in Tampa from a good friend who goes there. I'm actually considering a move to that office, I've been happy to date with Davis' office but a new medication has me 2nd guessing.

Shawn Arnold said:
We've seen Quershi, too.  Although I think she is a very nice lady, I don't feel I learned a lot from our encounters.   It has been awhile since I've been there, but at the time her office staff left a lot to be desired.   I'm on the hunt for a new neurologist.


If you don't mind me asking.. what signs have you noticed? Just curious?


I'm glad I came back to this thread, reminds me I need to call Davis' office to schedule Sam a check up after his 6yo check up with his pedi.


As for cures?  Sure I want to find a cure, but seriously?  I'm not going to spend the majority of my time trying to figure out WHY, I want to spend as much time possible helping my son learn to be a productive member of society, to take care of himself and to be a kind person.  And not having a meltdown when we turn the tv off would be nice too ;)  My point is, I don't so much as care WHY as I do about TREATMENT.  And if the treatment leads to a cure, great.   In the meantime, I'll stick to finding my son the best doctors I can.

Follow your instincts. I had two different pediatricians tell me my son was fine. I went to Tampa and saw Dr. Eric Tridas, a developmental pediatrician specializing  in all types of developmental (and other) disorders, and he diagnosed my son at age 2. However, he is very expensive.He really just gave me a diagnosis and we ruled out other medical problems and then I did all other research on therapies on my own.  I used speech therapy, occupational therapy, ABA therapy (Applied Behavior Analysis), AIT therapy (Auditory Integration Training) and I also changed his diet. He had both sound and tactile sensitivities, and the occupational therapy helped with the tactile and AIT therapy heped him with the sound sensitivities. I tried the ABA therapy first without diet interventions and did not get as great a result as when I combined this with a gluten free-caseine free diet. However, not every child is helped by this diet. I tried it for three weeks and noticed a tremendous difference with my son; it helped him be calmer, and he had less tantrums on this diet. I also removed as many artificial dyes/preservatives as possible from his diet as he seemed to have chemical sensitivities. A good book that can explain what I did with my son regrading ABA therapy and diet is "Let Me Hear Your Voice."  Another resource you also may want to access is the Central Florida Autism Institute out of Lakeland. They may be able to direct you to resources, too. My son is now 16 and it has been a long road, but there are things you can do to improve the outcome, so hang in there. You are right that looking at vaccines won't help now, but I did focus on imporving my son's immune system as he was sick a lot and being sick heightened his autistic symptoms. I skip things like flu shots as they have thimerosol in them which is a mercury based preservative, and I don't put anything like this in his system if I don't have to. By going more natural and having him eat healthier foods it allowed his immune system to get stronger.

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