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We always hear, "oh this generation is too young to remember how horrible polio was".  But, likewise, this generation is too young to remember all the DDT trucks spraying everything and everybody. Also, most every kid used to have their tonsils yanked out, almost like getting their hair cut. Come to find out, tonsils were/are a pretty darn important part of our immune system. Furthermore, the exposed and damaged nerve area from the removal site allowed polio to enter the body much easier.


Polio Danger Noted In Tonsil Removal

New York Times, May, 13th, 1946

The National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis warned parents yesterday to avoid, if possible, the removal of children’s tonsils before and during the hot summer months when poliomyelitis was most prevalent.

The foundation, with headquarters at 120 Broadway, cited results
of a recent study to support its contention that July, August and
September were unfavorable for such operations in relation to possible polio infection.

The study was made at the Medical School of the University of Utah under the sponsorship of the foundation’s Salt Lake County chapter. Infection among children during the 1943 polio epidemic in Utah in relation to prior tonsillectomies was analyzed.

Children between 3 and 16 years’ old were found to be 2.62 times more vulnerable to polio infection after a recent tonsillectomy than the general child population. The group was also discovered to be “sixteen times more vulnerable to a more severe type of polio infection than the average.”


 1942 article from Time Magazine:  "Medicine: Tonsils and Polio"

Five of the six children of an Akron family had their tonsils out one day last summer and within 48 hours all five came down with infantile paralysis. Three of them died. The sixth child did not contract paralysis. There had been no epidemic of the disease in Akron and none followed. A group of researchers from the University of Michigan, Western Reserve University and Akron's Children's Hospital investigated this puzzling case, published their findings last fortnight in the A.M.A. Journal. The investigators discovered that the infantile paralysis (poliomyelitis) virus was present in the feces of the sixth child. They also found the virus in two groups of cousins with whom the children had come in contact, and in one family of neighborhood playmates—ten children in all. Yet none of these children, though harboring the polio virus, got the disease. The researchers conclude that in the case of the five paralyzed children the tonsil operation was "the precipitating factor," warn doctors and parents that tonsil operations are dangerous during the poliomyelitis season (summer and fall), even though the disease "is not notably prevalent in a community." Probable connection between tonsillectomies and poliomyelitis: nerves injured by surgery are more susceptible to polio infection, so that the latent virus could travel readily from the injured throat nerves to the medulla oblongata, where the spinal cord enters the brain.



Article from Time from 1954: "Medicine: Tonsils & Bulbar Polio"

Doctors are pretty well agreed that it is unwise to remove tonsils or adenoids while polio is rampant: within a month or two after such an operation, an invasion by the polio virus is more likely to result in the oftentimes fatal bulbar form of the disease. Last week the A.M.A. Journal called the attention of U.S. family doctors to growing evidence that polio victims who have lost tonsils, adenoids, or both, at any time in their lives, are more susceptible to bulbar and bulbo-spinal attacks. The Journal conceded that the case is not yet proved. (For one thing, doctors can only guess at a possible explanation—that the tonsils and adenoids are part of a defensive mechanism against the invading virus.) But, the editors concluded, the evidence is enough to make surgeons pause once again before they cut out tonsils, and ask: "Is this operation really necessary?"



Pesticides And Polio



Perhaps the biggest irony of all time.

News reel showing DDT spraying in an attempt to eradicate polio, yet was actually proliferating polio:


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Dr. Suzanne Humphries speaking about the false history we've been taught regarding polio:


Suzanne Humphries, MD: Did vaccines eliminate measles, polio and smallpox? 8-18-13: .



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