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Ever since I was a teacher, I hated early release days. The one hour was never enough time to actually accomplish anything meaningful as a teacher. And as a parent, the one hour difference was just an annoying inconvenience.

So, when I found this revised early release schedule on the PCSB website I was definitely excited and really hope it gets approved.

Polk County Public Schools has reached a tentative agreement with the Polk Education Association (PEA) that will change the number of days and the times students leave school for the five Early Dismissal Days assigned for the 2013-2014 school year. On the assigned dates, students would leave school two hours and 30 minutes earlier. This is a departure from previous years when students left an hour earlier on 10 designated days.  

I can actually do more with my kids when there is 2 1/2 hours extra in a day instead of just a measly hour that never did more than throw a monkey wrench in our regular routine. As a work from home mom I can easily accommodate this change and am glad teachers will have the opportunity to make use of this early release time.

What do you think?

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As a teacher, I would rather do away with the early release days altogether and, instead, put in one or two workdays.  Or, better yet, just do away with the early release and get out early for summer two days earlier.

I agree with MonsterMom. Do away with them or do a couple full day workdays.

Early release is a waste of time IMO. When I was still teaching, many teachers scheduled their personal appointments during that time so that could get done without conflicting with student contact time and the need for a sub. Which is great contact time wasn't impacted but it takes away the point of early release. Many of us still put in countless "off" hours into lesson plans and prep, early release days don't take that away either IMO. For working parents, early release impacts child care, especially those of us who have kids too old for before and after care or those of us who normally get home about the time of regular release. I'd rather have several teacher work days that were all day versus 5, or worse 10, early release days.

I agree that a whole day would be better, but at least this is an improvement over the 10 1-hour days!

I'm confused. It says five early release days, then later on it says ten.

My children are in two different schools this year, so this will get pretty challenging. One school does early release on Fridays (which makes more sense to me), and the other does it on Wednesdays. I checked the school calendar for the school that does Friday early release, and it does say "two hour early release". 

I don't know how working parents deal with all these changes in routine! I only work part-time and it's a pain for me. My son's new school doesn't have bussing on early release days either. What a headache for families of students who take the bus!

That is great I just announced this too my kids and they all said........   awesome!

I know several teachers and they all think the early release is a waste. 5 days is better than 10, and long enough to do something.

Jmarr, the Friday school must not be a county school. Otherwise I don't know how they are excepted from the rest. It is a "district thing" not a "school thing."

Sarah, is it just 5 days now? I'm probably wrong, but from the way I read it, there will still be 10 early release days, only 5 of them will release earlier in the day. I suppose they will make it more clear at orientation, etc. 

My kids are in two different schools. They are both technically part of Polk County School District, but one is magnet and one is charter. The charter calendar is slightly different from the traditional school calendar. 

5 days x 2 hours instead of 10 days x 1 hour.

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