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Lock Laces Shown in Royal Blue

This product gets a big thumbs up from this mom.  LockLaces are really pushed towards the marathon types; I mean, who wants to be in the middle of a triathlon to stop to tie their shoes?   The company slogan is, Win, Never Tie, (good, right?)  So the marketing totally makes sense.  But, I tell you, this is fabulous for us moms to scoop up for ourselves and our families.

Right-away applications: 

~ Great for our kids' baseball, soccer, and football shoes.

~ Dance! - I'm definitely getting some for my daughter's dance shoes.  This would be great for her pom-pom and clogging shoes!

~ And just in their day-to-day walking around, going to school sneakers.  Where our kids drag around untied laces (think bathrooms) and then bend down to tie gives me the yuck factor.  Lock Laces solves the yuck factor.

So, yes, I love these Lock Laces.

In fact, we've already been test-driving them.   I put Lock Laces on Ryan and Lillian's shoes and they love them, too.  Not only are they excited about the snazzie color choices, but the ease of use.  My 6 year-old daughter has some dexterity delay and she has no problem.  These are much easier than tying a shoe.  

So, can you tell, I'm excited to offer you all a chance to win your own pair?

I have a black pair of Lock Laces (a universally appealing, goes with everything, boy or girl, color) for your winning opportunity.

If you are interested in purchasing Lock Laces for yourself, with color option abandonment,  here's where to start: 


They also have a 3-pack available for purchase for $19.99 - this link shows the option of buying three of the same color.  As a soccer mom, imagining a whole soccer team wearing these is so cute!

And this link gives you 3-pack with varied colors options.  What I like about this is, you actually build the Lock Laces to fit the shoe you want, enabling the product to universally fit every shoe.  (The put together is easy and a no-brainer, so no worries there.)  With this multi-color pack option, you could mix and match your cords and the Lace Locks for a multi-color effect.  Love it. 

Contest Rules:

You must be a citizen of the continual 48 of the United States.  You must be a registered PolkMoms.com member, and you must reply to this forum thread with the word, "Entered"

A winner will be randomly chosen and announced here, and in next week's mom mail, on, Thursday, March 14, 2013.

* rules are subject to change.

Get posting for your chance to win and good luck!  :) 

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It's great to see interest in this giveaway.   I'm going to add a picture of Lillian wearing her's.   She loves them so much, she won't take them off.  



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