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Pregnant Moms, Please Read: Listeria’s easiest targets, Protecting those most at risk

Listeria can sometimes be considered an ailment contracted mostly by those older, but if you are expecting, please keep reading.  There can be serious newborn complications and deaths contributed to Listeria infections. 

From the link, Listeria’s easiest targets: Protecting those most at risk

Listeria strikes hardest at pregnant women and their unborn children, newborns, people 65 years or older, or those with weakened immune systems. These hard-hit groups account for at least 90 percent of reported Listeria infections.

Pregnant women who have Listeria infections often have only mild symptoms or fever, but their infections may result in miscarriage, premature labor and serious illness or death in newborn infants.

Listeria is the third leading cause of foodborne deaths.   Common contaminants can come from lunch meats and cheeses, although, there are others sources as well.  If you have a sandwich that has lunch meats and cheeses that could have possibly been left out of proper refrigeration too long, and you're expecting, don't chance it.  Find another food source.


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