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Prescooler given double root canal without permission and no anesthesia

Seen this in an email I got and was sickened.  If it was my child I would hunt the dentist down and do my own work on him with no medication.  I hope she wins her law suit.  I feel so bad for that poor boy.  Imagine how frightened he's going to be to ever go to a dentist again. 


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A childs root canal is very easy. The baby teeth have to have them also and later they will loose the teeth but it holds the space for the permanent teeth coming in. @ 4 yrs old yes he could have needed them, BUT I do agree the permission thing is the biggie. Also the other dentist saying the child did not need them can not tell what the other Dr saw. Even in and x-ray it will not show if the nerve was exposed or what after the root canal. The Dr may have done the right thing in doing them, and yes I agree the permission should have been gotten. If the child had NEVER been to a dentist, he very well could have needed the root canals. I have seen 2 yr old children needing teeth extracted & root canals because the parents did not help them brush and the child was on a bottle to long. A child can drink out of a sippie cup at 8-10 months  and get off the bottle. The bottle is the worst thing for a child and the faster you get them off of it the better and a pacifier also.... That can make buck teeth.... Those are my pet peeves in children 2-3-4-5 > yr olds walking around with a bottle or pacifier or going to bed with one (even worse for the teeth), if they MUST have a bottle put water in it!! I worked in the dental field for 20 yrs and 5 of that was in a pedodontist office (childrens dentist)  and we always asked what the parent wanted.  Most not all teeth when abcessed do not need anesthesia  for the nerve is dead already. Theres lots of circumstances to this....

I know when my son was 3-4 yrs old he did get a couple silver crowns, but escaped root canal work.  He did brush his teeth as I always went behind him to make sure it was done.  Unfortunately his medical condition and medication can cause teeth issues.  Pretty much bites, but we try our best.  I do agree after thinking about it, how could the other dentist see that he did not need it.  Unless he had copies of the x-rays it would be tough to determine it.  I do feel bad for the kid though.  Such trauma.

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