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I was just wondering if anyone else has had problems with a Fantastic Sam's and kid's coupons, or kid's coupons in general? My husband took my 11 year old son (who is tall for his age) to get a haircut on Sunday to the Fantastic Sam's on Cypress Gardens Boulevard in Winter Haven, and brought a $2 off for kids 11 and under haircut coupon. An employee who said she was the manager, and who was also cutting hair, asked my husband over and over (in front of other staff and customers) if my son was really 11. My husband felt from her tone and remarks that she was inferring to all present he was lying. After grilling my husband, the manager then proceeded to quiz my son about how old he was and what year he was born, in front of everyone. When my son replied 2001, she wrote it down, did some math and then exclaimed that he was 12. No - my son was born in August, and is not 12 yet.

We don't carry around his birth certificate to flash as proof of age in hair salons and we don't have any other proof of his age. My husband was actually honest about my son being 11. Needless to say, my husband was angry, my son felt extremely uncomfortable, and it was just a very awkward situation.

I understand about asking a parent if a kid is too old to qualify for a coupon, but this went way beyond that. We didn't (and don't) want anything for free - we were trying to use a coupon my son qualified for. We will certainly never go back to this location or to any other store in this franchise. I was just wondering - has anyone had a similar experience with a Fantastic Sam's and kid's coupons? Has anyone had problems with using coupons related to children's ages, in general?

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I've taken our son to the one in Lakeland on 98 North and had no issues.  I know some kids that our son went to school with and some were my height or taller at age 10 (I am 5'4").  If I was would I would try to call the 1-800 # and complain and also send an email.  If the franchise owner has a complaint sent above them, most will work something out with you and keep you as a customer.  I do this all the time at stores, restaurants and such.  I generally do not expect free things from it, but most franchise owners are not aware of what is going on.  So if they are not made aware, they can not fix or get rid of the issues.  Good luck!!

We have had problems with our son too, not at Fantastic Sam's, but at restaurants as he too is tall for his age.  I don't see what difference it makes if a 70 year old wants to order off of the kids menu, they should let you, without causing a scene, or questioning a child about their age and year of birth.

I've had people question the age of my daughter several times, she's bigger than my 8 year old.  She's 6.  Although the question wasn't always asked in the nicest way, it was never taken to the level e w described.  Wow, that employee took it too far.   I'm not sure why people question it anyway.  Even if the parent wasn't telling the truth, do they think the parent will eventually "fess-up"?  And what a big-fat etiquette no-no to involve (read interrogate) a child.  It should be handled adult to adult.   That would infuriate me, questioning my honesty and integrity not only in front of, but to my child.  As if the child has to vouch for the parent.  

Plain and simple, kids are going to look younger and older than their actual age and like said, parent's aren't typically expected to carry a birth certificate to prove age.  

Thanks for telling me about the Lakeland Highlands and Edgewood Fantastic Sam's.  It is a little far for us, but i am very glad to hear they do a good job.  I also worked in customer service (i was a server), and i know what you're talking about how some customers can be abusive.

Also - good advice about contacting corporate.  My husband emailed their corporate office and let them know.  He found their email on an unaffiliated consumer complaints website.

Lakeland Mom said:

It is probably too far to be worth it, but the ladies at the Fantastic Sames on Lakeland Highlands, and Edgewood, in Lakeland have been great to our son.

He is too old for the kid's coupon, and they actually asked him his age, to see if he would qualify, as our son has a baby face. I know, because I did not have any, but the manager had a little pencil bag full of coupons, and used an adult one for him.

They also bailed us out, in a big way, twice, with very time constrained cuts.  Our son has extremely thick hair, and I could not believe how quickly she cut it, so he could get to his performance on time. 

Also, having worked in a customer service industry for many years, when I was younger, I usually add the coupon amount to their tip.  No, we are not wealthy, however, unless you have held a job like this, you have no idea how little they make for the abuse customers can give you. 

I would write a letter to the corporate office.  Franchises really do not like a location damaging their name.

Good Luck!

Thank you, everyone - on one hand its good to hear that my husband and son aren't the only ones, but also on the other hand its a little discouraging that others have had similar problems.

And very much yes, Shawn - i was infuriated, especially with the manager dragging my 11 year old son into it.  All over about $2 to $4, depending on how you figure it.

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