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Seen a commercial last night for the 8 piece Family Meal Deal at Publix for $9.99.  Made sure that was my last stop shopping today hoping they would have chicken and I was in luck.  Turned out for the $9.99 you get not just 8 piece mixed, but 2 sides, dinner rolls and a gallon of Publix Tea.  Sweet deal. 

Of course I swear they put crack in their batter on the chicken because it's addicting.  LOL  It's got a great flavor in it, way better than Walmart Chicken.  Makes you want to go back for more chicken because you can eat all 8 pieces in 1 day by yourself...LOL

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It was just me and the kids this weekend plus one of their friends.. (total 4 kids) my hubby was working... So, I stopped by publix for some chicken and got this deal too!! They ate off of this dinner for 2 days! lol Great deal!! =-)

Awesome!  I love hearing moms get a great deal and sharing the idea, too!   Thanks Tabby!   I agree, Publix chicken is the bomb!

I will definitly be doing this one night this week. Does anyone know if it is all week, or just this past weekend?

Yeah, that is a good deal.  Of course my kids don't like slaw or potato salad.  I wish they had some more kid-friendly side options.

You can do the fried chicken or the rotisserie which is nice as well.

The last day of the sale should be Wednesday the 18th.  Although it could continue, but not sure if it would include the tea.  It wasn't even in the sale flyer.  I just happen to see the commercial for the Meal Deal at $9.99 and when I got there it included the gallon tea.  Going to be stopping back again before it ends.

I was just scanning the Publix website for a "How long will this deal last?" answer and couldn't find one. 

I called my local Bartow Publix deli and they confirmed this is for rotisserie or mixed fried chicken and the deal lasts until this coming Wednesday. 

They always have the chicken, two sides and the four pack of buns as a promotion...it just doesn't include the tea all the time.

My kids don't like the sides either.. so, I just made them a box of mac and cheese and my hubby and I ate the sides :)

NativeLKLDMom said:

Yeah, that is a good deal.  Of course my kids don't like slaw or potato salad.  I wish they had some more kid-friendly side options.

You can do the fried chicken or the rotisserie which is nice as well.

Just read this is going to be going on again for the next sale April 19-25.  I wasn't paying attention today when I went in and got the meal.  It was 8 piece fried, but not the mixed.  It was thighs and legs.  Oh well...still was good.  Ended up getting the red skin potato and the baked beans.  Really did not need another gallon of tea, but it's okay.

Here's the link to next weeks sale:


I got this today and my tea wasn't free. I wonder why? I did use the $2.00 off coupon that was in the paper Sunday. We had the chicken for dinner this evening and it was really good. Way better than the last couple time we have had the Walmart ones.

Courtney...The tea price should come off at the end of the transaction when they total it out.  If it did not, contact the service desk, get the name of who you spoke with as well as time and date, tell them about it and they will credit you the price if it did not come off. 

Kim....The other day we only had a choice of cole slaw, potato salad and beans.  When I went yesterday they added the macaroni salad.  Sometimes they just put the stock out and may not notice it is missing the green sticker for it to go with the deal.  You can ask the deli person or even ask up at the service desk/manager.  The managers are more than happy to please their customers.

I know what I did wrong. I didn't get the sides so it was $2. Cheaper. I seen the deal is for this ad week also. I will definitely do it again. Just right this time.lol

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