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Our 17-year-old hopes to do some intern work for her uncle's law firm this fall. She's been helping out on small projects for the last two summers. He has a new partner and would like for her to present a resume to him so that he can give her extra hours, plus maybe help the attorney across the hall as well. What's the most important things to include?

When we helped our teenagers put together a resume, we researched the internet for downloadable templates. Depending on the jobs that they wanted to apply for, we searched for catchy phrases in that specific line of work. It's actually easy to use your own words to replace some of the more professional terms that are clearly meant for older people with more experience. - Heidi Morrison in South Bend, IN


This is sort of an odd request since she's been working with and for her uncle for a while, but maybe not totally unreasonable, especially if his new partner hasn't been around her or paid attention to her work. Regardless, the most important thing for her to include, of course, is her previous experience with her uncle. She can do this by writing up a job description of the tasks she performed on a separate piece of paper for everything she did. Doing so will allow her to visually see the steps that each one required to complete the job. This is just for her to review and is not to be an attachment to the resume. It will provide her with an outline of things she did and then she can use them in a brief but concise description on the resume. Anything that was done on the computer or perhaps maybe accomplished by utilizing an office software program should also be included. If she feels like there is not enough past experience, have her add anything that she may have assisted with. For example, if she helped out with some type of fact-checking on whatever, she could also include that. This will inform the new partner, and the other potential employer, that while she didn't handle every aspect of a file, she does know how to do that specific part. If she has taken any business classes in high school and/or is currently enrolled in one, is on the high school newspaper staff or something similar, this is also beneficial to include. In fact, the instructors have probably helped plenty of students with resume writing and could offer some great guidance in either the format, writing or maybe critiquing .


Our kids are in college and I just found out I am pregnant. It's pretty devastating news to all of us. The older kids are embarrassed and my husband is shocked but no one is really thinking about me. I've never really thought about this happening, but I guess there's always a chance. What's the best way to handle nosy friends, strangers and relatives?

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