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My daughter goes to Purcell Elementary and next yr they are starting a new class program called S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math).  They invited a select number a students to possibly be in the program next year. Then they will have open enrollment if the classes are not filled.  It is one class per grade k - 5.  It will take place of one regular class and is for higher acheivers in the grade levels. 

My question is has anyone out there had any experience with it or heard of it.  My understanding is it is more hands on learning instead of just sitting and doing the normal book work.  My daughter is very smart but has a hard time because she does not like to sit for long periods doing things.  I think this would help her behavioral wise because they are always on the move doing different things. 

Just wanting some feed back from others.

Thanks Tracy


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My son's school is a "STEM" school, but I think all schools are calling themselves that lately. It's the same thing, minus the art. They do have art as a "special", luckily. His school does seem to be very "hands-on".

To me, it sounds like it will make learning more fun for your daughter.

Like anything else being introduced, it may take some time for the school to get it running smoothly. Sometimes when they try "new" things at my kids' school, it is annoying because it doesn't always work out as planned at first. 

My children's school recently implemented a STEM program (I'm assuming minus the 'A' but they do have an art class).  My opinion is, the students love it.  It's definitely more creative, thought provoking on their own, hands on learning, fun.   I've seen the kids really take special interest in projects enjoying the wheels turning in their minds.  

I have to say a big applaud to teachers that use the STEM program. It absolutely has to be more work for them.  Some of the projects my children come home excitedly explaining sounds like very complex preparation on the teacher's part.  Organizing students to stay on task with the assignments at hand is so much more than telling a class, "Open your books to page 42". 

I like it and my children love it. 

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