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i recently found out my kids will no longer get the school bus they will have to walk or be car riders but i dont drive im so worried . anyone else going thrue this?

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Wow, Tabitha, that sounds tough.   I actually talked to a mom at orientation telling me their children have to walk a mile to get to their Alturas bus stop, and I was shocked.    How close to the school do you live?  Would you be able to walk with them?

We live 2 miles away n i wouldnt be able to walk them cause my lil one has to be walked too n thats in the opposite direction . I wouldnt mind them walking if there were sidewalks n 4way stops where they have to cross but there arent any :( so even tho they are in high school im very worried for their safety
When i lived up north i walked also bad weather n winter but we had cross walks n bike lanes . Haines city is not a good place for kids to walk no one respects speed limits n crossing a road with no stop sigbs isnt safe.

Maybe you can contact the school to ask about car pools? At orientation last week, my school had a desk for parents to coordinate this sort of thing. Maybe the front office can help you out on Monday.

Thanks i will have to find out

Go the polk portal https://parent.mypolkschools.net/  if you do not have a pin sign on and get one. Then you can get the info for your student (including bus routes/times).  If this is not convienent you can call the school.  polk portal

Tabitha, here's an article that outlines what sounds like exactly what you're dealing with.  I have a friend that just realized her girls aren't getting the bus because they are within that two mile limit.  I think it's crazy that anyone would think it's okay for two little girls to walk through a high crime area and cross four lanes of highway 17 from Union Academy.  

Polk District's Bus Route Changes Rankle Affected Families

I read the article yesterday n when i called transportation they told me they only consider safty issues for elemtrary students not middle school or high school students that is terrible how do they expect 11yr olds to not even have crossing guards. I grew up in new york n at least they have crossing guards to all the schools no matter the grade n there are side walks stop lights n four way stops everywhere .

I also contacted the transportation department my son has to wait at the lake 4 blocks down from our house where there are alligators .....hes in middle school so I guess that why there was no reply to my email........by the way the bus did not even show up to his school to transport the kids back home  on the first day of school.......I made him car rider yesterday .......so I hope he gets home today without me waiting for 1 1/2 to then find out hes still at the school!     pray for me!!!

by the way my prayers go to the young mans family who attends tenroc high   who passed away this morning walking to school

So sad n scary .

I walked to elementary school. It wasn't that far...maybe even under a mile.

I walked pretty far to get home from middle and high school though...at least a mile and a half. There weren't too many major intersections, but some of the roads were pretty curvy and without sidewalks, with lots of wooded areas, so it was dangerous. It was often cold, raining, snowing as well. One time while walking home, I actually got physically attacked by a mentally ill man who escaped from an institution. My mom made a big deal about it with the schools and I got bus service after that. 

My current house is well over a mile away from the nearest school bus stop. I called the transportation department at the schools I believe they said I need to be more than 1.5 miles away from the stop to have another stop added. 

I think that is messed up that they changed bussing without notifying people way in advance. Also, if the roads have no sidewalks and there are major intersections, lack of stop signs, high accident statistics, etc...they should take that into consideration when deciding on bus stops. If it is truly a dangerous place for an adult to be walking, why would they ask a 5 year old to walk there?

I would try to find some other parents in the same situation to form a carpool, and you could also make your concerns public (news, etc.)

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