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It's funny because when our son first started school they said they don't do fundraisers to where you have to sell anything. They had done a dinner and auction to help raise money. Well the past couple years they stopped that and started doing the cookie dough fundraisers. We did buy some last year and I got some girls from my mom's job to buy some as well.  It wasn't to cheap then and this new company they are going through is a bit more expensive.  Granted it's to raise money for the school but $10 for a 2 pound tub of dough is a bit much. I can make it myself for a lot less. With the holidays coming up do they honestly think we are made out of money?!  As with everyone else with Lakeland Electric I just got socked with a pretty good electric bill cause they did it for 35 days rather than the 29-30 day cycle. OUCH!! My next bill is way down thank goodness (it's almost 1/2 of what I just paid).

It also kind of rots for the kids with this cookie dough because last year when they did it, I had just about the whole neighborhood of kids coming by to sell it. I felt bad turning then away but we had to stay true to our son and order from him :o)  This year should be fun. We never did fundraisers in school when I was growing up. Times sure have changed!!

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I don't do them.....but I will do the dinner fundraisers where a portion of your meal at a restaurant will go to the school. With my kids, we already have soccer and Girl Scout fundraisers so that is already enough....I can only hit up friends and family so much.
I do not like school fundraisers. Well, that is not true. The only one I actually care for are those chocolate bars. :) If anyone hands me chocolate, I have no problem handing over cash! ~ My daughter goes to a school where each of their art programs, plus the pto, do their own fundraiser. One just came in and she is about to start another. I know she wants to win all those awards for selling the most, but there is no way I can buy a ton of stuff and just like the majority of us, people are only buying from their kids.

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