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I know when Jesse was in Wendell Watson Elementary School and they had fund raisers to sell stuff, they did urge you not to allow the kids to go door to door.  It is so easy to grab kids nowadays.  I had 3 kids come over (2 from the school, 3rd grade I believe and 1 little boy 3yrs old) come knocking asking if I like to buy for the school fundraiser.  When they heard my 2 little dogs, they asked to come in to see the dogs.  REALLY??  They do not know me and I do not know them.   Told them to go home and have their parents go with them if they are going to sell door to door. 

Notes would go home with saying do not allow door to door selling and for the parents to take it to their jobs or contact family/friends.  Granted many jobs will not allow you to even sell stuff for fund raisers from school, but PLEASE, DO NOT allow your kids to go door to door.

Granted we are a MH community, but there are new people in here and you have no idea who they are or what their past is.  Bad enough I see these small kids 2 yrs and up running around here, it makes me want to slap some parents.  Even the manager has issues with the kids running all over and ignoring cars.

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It makes me so angry to see small children out alone! Hello, what is wrong with people? There is no excuse for a two year old to be outside alone. That's child endandgerment!

A parent that need a note from the school to know that door to door selling by kids on their own is a REAL problem. That is just common sense.
I don't participate in the fundraisers. It is always stuff nobody needs. I usually send in some cash in place of the hassle of selling and then redistributing. They should just bAn fundraising by selling useless goods all together. Or do something like send a $1 in on a Friday and you can dress out of uniform but within code , like a different color shirt or something.
I'm just shocked that parents don't know better than to let their little kids run around unsupervised .

When Jesse First started at Wendell Watson back in 2006 I was so happy to see that they did fund raising differently.  There was no selling things because in the past they said it wasn't what it used to be.  The following year and since then, they went back to selling things.  It would be cookie doughs to wrapping papers.  All stuff you can get cheaper at the store.  Granted Otis Spunkmeyer are good, just a bit on  the expensive side.  I know my mom's job and hubby's job do not allow selling fund raiser items, not even Girl Scout cookies.  I ordered every so often, but It can get costly. 

They did though always send home notes warning parents not to have the kids go door to door.  Granted they should use common sense and should not requires a note about it.  There are still those few that don't have much in their heads to work with.  I see a few families in here that just don't use their heads.  There's one family, mom and dad are in the house, kids are running around (1st grade, pre-school, and another just over 2 yrs old).  They expect their older kids to watch the younger ones.  Youngest always ran around in diapers or underwear outside.  They had others say something, but they blow it off.  It's almost as though it's common and they think "nothing will happen to our kids".  One day that will change.

Bad enough you got the young ones running around unsupervised, but you got the older ones to teens just sitting in  the road ways.  They look at you like "we're not moving, you go around us".  Could go around if they didn't sit in the center of both sides.  I've talked with the manager in here and she's come across the same issues, but I don't think she does anything.  She rites it in her book, but the crap still keeps going on (kids running around, hanging in the road, dogs tied up outside, dogs running loose and much more).  Can't get a hold of the management company, so we're stuck.  Waiting for another neighborhood meeting and this time I will make it a point to go up and voice my opinion. 

People need to realize that the kids act the way they do with no respect because as long as their kids are not home bothering them, they could care less.  Seems to be the trend over the years.  I hear the way some of the younger kids in elementary school and middle school talk to some teachers and OMG!!  Nice bar of soap and paddle across their backsides are needed.  No respect at all and it's a shame because most of the time parents are the blame.  Not all parents as some do a  good job, but the kids do this to fit in with other kids.

I know what you mean.  I see kids that my son are in school with (6th grade now), but the last few years I see them down the road at the gas station.  Now I've seen them up at McDonald's and even heading to Wendy's.  I know they ride their bikes to school because parents work, but not sure if they know where their kids are going on their bikes even on weekends. 

I remember growing up, my mom knew the parents of my friends in  the neighborhood (of course everyone knew each other in town or at least knew of each other).  We told out folks where we were going, called when we got to that friends house or checked in through out the day when we were out on bikes in the neighborhood.  Our curfew was dinner or dusk and the parents of the friend you were over knew that too as we basically all had the same curfew.

I remember working at the mall in the food court and getting there early around 7am and seeing folks drop their kids, mostly teens.  Once folks were out of sight, they jumped into another car and took off.  Granted I am no saint and did that a few times in my teenage years, but as I got older I see why they were always on me.  They assume you are going to be in the place and they are off elsewhere who knows doing what with who. 

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