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Singer Mindy McCready dies in apparent suicide

How terribly sad.  Ms. McCready, who is reported as a Florida girl herself, has lived a very explosive personal life in the public eye.  I don't listen to country music very often, but did become an instant fan of hers when she first came on the music scene years ago.  I've watched her career always hoping she could pull it, and her personal life, back together for the better.  

Were you a fan, too? 

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I don't listen to country music that often either.  Of course, I have heard of her troubles in the news.  But really found out more when watching Dr. Drew's Celebrity Rehab.  She was so talented.  I pray that she now has found peace and that her 2 sons will be taught the good about her. 

My daughter and I watched Celebrity Rehab - and although many are against that program, we came to care for these people.  Dr. Drew is being criticized because 5 people who have been featured have died.  It isn't Dr. Drew, it is the drugs.  They have such a terrible hold on them.  No one is saying thank you to Dr. Drew for helping the ones he has. 

It is sad that she thought her life was not worth living.  Especially with 2 little boys, even though they were not with her at the time.  I hate to say it, but I am glad the kids were in foster care because I think she may have shot them as well.  If she could shoot an innocent dog and take her own life, I don't think she would have a problem shooting her own kids.  I feel bad for the youngest baby because both parents killed themselves.  At least the oldest still has his dad.  I hop the youngest goes to her mom and step dad and the oldest goes to be with his dad.  It is so sad that anyone finds their life isn't worth living.  Although I really shouldn't talk much because when I was a teen I did try (more of a "hey notice me" rather than wanting to die).

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