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is there a sippy cup out there that does NOT leak?????

i swear i have tryed sooo many between the two kids. most seem fine for a month or two then after that leak like crazy.

i do not wash mine in the dishwasher.

there has to be 1 that works great.

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I have yet to use one that doesn't leak :( Now my kids are set in their ways and I've stopped buying others, although I do find if I change the valves periodically it helps
I use the Playtex insulated tumblers and do not have any leaking issues. We've had out current ones for at least 6-7 months and I put them in the dishwasher every time they are used, about once every 2-3 days since we have 4 of them.
right now i have been using the playtex insulated tumblers. and they leak like crazy from the valve.
i guess i'll have to get a bunch of valves.

thanks heather i'll have to try the nubby one.

i think the worst one i have is like a sports bottle one. that one just pours out.
The best one I've found I believe is by Gerby. They are hard plastic and shaped like an hour glass. They have a removable valve. I've never had problems with them leaking. I've had mine for like two years now and not one problem our ot them. I belive they are $5-6 a piece but worth the investment.
Ok so I looked at what we use for alexis - are Gerber-brand (they are hourglass shaped with different color tops) - you can find them at target(that's where we got them). FYI I don't like the nuby - those i've found to leak - bad.. they toppers are plastic so if you get any separation, that's it for them!!

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