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Soccer goal safety still ignored five years after Lake Wales teen's death

Although the attached link is from a Tampa news group, it highlights a tragic event that lead to the death of a young man from Lake Wales.

Soccer goal safety still ignored five years after teen's death

From the above link:

Five years ago this month, Corey Hawk died on a field near his Lake Wales home when an un-anchored soccer goal crushed him. Corey, a week shy of his 19th birthday at the time, had jumped up to fix a dangling net. Corey's brother, Cody, was standing next to him.

"He ran after me and pushed me out of the way," Cody remembered. "I looked behind me and (the goal) fell on him."

As parents this story can remind us to chat with our local soccer boards and city management on what they do to make soccer fields safer.  Also it can lead us to teach children the dangers of playing and working around heavy goals.

Do you feel your child's soccer fields are maintained safely?

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This was a very interesting news segment and one that our club takes seriously. Goal safety is something that should be considered before, during and after games. Our board members are continually checking goals and the fields to ensure the safety of our youth players. In light of the segment it really opened our eyes to be even more mindful of checking the goals and to speak with the county about goal safety with them as well.

I agree that we need to talk to our children as well about the dangers of playing and working around the goals. As parents, we need keep an eye on our children and not allow them to hang on the goals. As fun as it looks to be able to either jump up and grab the top of the goals and/or to hang from them, its simply not safe to allow them to do it - even when properly anchored. We do have to step in and ask both the children and their parents to stop hanging on them from time to time.

While we want our children to enjoy the soccer fields and have a great time out there, their safety is always the top priority. Part of the pre-game ritual is a safety check, not only checking the players equipment before the start of the game, but the safety of the pitch and goals.

As we gear up for our Spring Soccer session in the next few weeks, goals will be checked and double checked and re-checked.

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