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Was wondering if anyone has one of these machines and if they are worth the money?  Also I noticed the CO2 box says you can exchange the canisters in rather than buying it for $30 each time.  Went to the website it suggested on the box I read at the store, but it did not have a link to find a place nearest me to refill them. 

Was thinking of putting it on my Christmas List, but wanted to get some first hand reviews on it.

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Our family received one last Christmas, We love it.  Walmart carries the soda flavors and you can take your empty CO2 cartridge to customer service and pay $15 and they give you a full one.  The soda mixes are about $5 and make about 33 -12oz cans of soda, so it is a bit cheaper, but the fun is in making it.  I did find that I had to limit my kids to one bottle a day as when we first got it they were drinking way to much soda. 

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