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Spicy Cheddar Witch Fingers and Much More Halloween Goodies!

I love all holidays and I love to express myself around each of them in some form or fashion.  As fun as they all can be, I do think Halloween just may edge out as my favorite when it comes to creativeness in cooking or preparing themed snacks.   I'll add some that I found try worthy.   Please add your spooky themed snacks, too.


I'm actually looking for a good graveyard dirt recipe.  If anyone has one or can find a good link, let me know.



RiceKrispies.com has some amazingly cute ideas


here's a surprise pumpkin treat, too.


Spooky Halloween Punch Bowl!


Spicy Cheddar Witch Fingers


15 Halloween Party Appetizers from Southern Living


17 scary-good Halloween treats


If you want to dive into disgusting and truly creepy you can find dirty diaper dip among others at this link.

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Bumping it back up for the holiday!  Enjoy and please add your ideas.  :)

I make a Clotted-Blood Cheese Dip:

   brown some ground beef, drain (1/4-1/2 lb.).  melt velvetta cheese (1 lg. box), cut up some sundried tomatoes.  mix cheese and ground beef together, place in crock pot, sprinkle the sundried tomatoes on top.  way cool served with my witches fingers and monster toes. (homemade pretzles, I got the witches fingers from the Martha Stewart site,  and then made short fat pretzles w/ green died almonds turned sideways to look like big fat monster toenails.  If you dip the side in red after the green it turns a ugly dark color,  you can sprinkle rock salt near the side that is dark,  kinda looks infected,  I know GROSS.  but the kids love it.  :)



incase anyone wanted the recipes, very easy and fun for children to do


Thanks for adding that!  It sounds grossy good :)

Ghostly Grilled Cheese & Bloody Eyeball Soup just hit my email inbox and we are going to do this.  My kids love grill cheese and soups.   They also love black olives so I think we'll sub those out for the green pictured and I'm pretty sure I have an extra large ghost shaped cookie cutter.  I also have a fresh rosemary bush to make those cute eyelashes.

It's that time of year to bring this topic back.   I was browsing around on pinterest and ran across this image, how creative, in theme and neat!  The pinner notes guacamole is a great choice but a spinach dip would work great, too.   

I also love this idea that I can incorporate, I already have a favorite bunt cake recipe. 

2 bunt cakes, orange frosting, green ice cream cone

I'll be heading to the store to get some shopping done to do some Halloween themed cooking.   How about you?

I made the witch fingers and they are actually very tasty.   I used this recipe Spicy Cheddar Witch Fingers exactly but added a teaspoon and a half of garlic powder.   They had this cheesy- garlic thing going on that was pretty darn good.   

I ended up skipping on the double bunt cake pumpkin.  For the life of me I couldn't find a green ice cream cone.  I suppose I should have shopped ahead for it before the day of.  Bartow Publix had a box of multi-colored ice cream cones but they were a red/pink, blue, and purple.   I thought about buying the regular cones to dye one green, but I was just running out of time to experiment. 

Did you do any Halloween cooking? 

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