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State Education Board Approves Plan to Limit School Grade Drop to One Letter

State Education Board Approves Plan to Limit School Grade Drop to O...

Am I the only one with a scrunched up face on this one?   The basics:  A school, even if they earned a lower grade can't drop more than one letter grade down.  Example, if the school was a 'C' and then earned the score of an 'F', it wouldn't drop to that 'F', but simply to a 'D'.

What's the point of a grade scale if it's not actually reflecting the true score of the school?

Is this better for a school to refocus by not doing nosedive drops in grades?

What do you think?

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You would think that would be the case, but as a teacher I disagree. When the state raises the standards a great deal every year, the students struggle to reach them. I had a student go from a level 5 in reading to a level 4, even though his scale score went up 3 points. If they raised the bar a few points each year, it would be no big deal. If they made the test a little harder each year, it would be no big deal. But when they raise the bar and make the test much harder all at the same time, and make it harder for a school to receive a good grade, it's a recipe for disaster. If they hadn't decided to approve this plan, then you would probably see a lot of schools dropping to D's and F's, even though the teachers busted their tails all year to make sure the kids were ready. It's heartbreaking to see a kid do well all year, only to have a mental breakdown due to the stress the day of the test. Those who are not teachers just don't understand. It's not that Polk County has all these inadequate teachers who should be fired, it's that the students we teach come to school with so much baggage and a lack of support at home, and those are the kids that count the most towards the school grade! The ones who have supportive parents who meet certain income levels and certain demographics hardly count at all. The schools are being set up for failure and have been for a long time, and only those on the inside truly understand all of that.

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